Interested in marching on D.C. to protest cannabis laws on 4/20?

WeedPress has been asked to officially sponsor this national protest march on Washington D.C. to protest the unjust, unconstitutional, and un-American laws prohibiting cannabis.

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Jason Warf
502 396 5663

Grassroots Activists Head to the Nation’s Capitol to End Prohibition

Millions to Gather in Hopes to Cease Lies and Propaganda in the Cannabis World!

Denver, CO (January 20, 2010) Overgrow The Government, a group of grassroots activists, is calling on a million supporters, hemp farmers and protesters alike to join together for a protest march in Washington D.C. to demand an end to cannabis prohibition. The march will take place on 4-20-11, and will either end at The Capitol Stairs or The Washington Monument in Washington D.C. The march will start at 10 a.m. and run throughout the day. The starting location is TBA.

Overgrow The Government is a group of grassroots activists that are tired of the lies and propaganda associated with cannabis prohibition and have taken a firm stand against it. The success of the event depends on everyone in the cannabis world coming together in D.C to demand an end to prohibition and continue to do so in the years to come until a change is made.

The unofficial organization was started when grassroots activist, Jason, viewed a protest at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) headquarters in which hemp farmers planted hemp seeds. “To me this was a metaphor for what I see that needs to happen; I knew that with science, medicine, and numbers on our side now is the time to change these laws, “said Mr. Warf. Following the protest, Jason took his idea and posted it as an event on Facebook to see what kind of feedback he would get. Within the first week, the protest received an overwhelming response from various organizations which proved he had to turn his idea into reality. He took on small group of activists as board members and started planning the event in the nation’s capitol.

For more information and updates on Overgrow The Government, visit: http://m.facebook.com/event.php?eid=146753865351662&fb



One thought on “Interested in marching on D.C. to protest cannabis laws on 4/20?

  1. Update… The National Park Service has made a change to the route of the march and the ending spot for the 4-20 March/Rally…

    The Starting point will now be at the Washington Monument, so gather there first…
    As a group we shall walk past The White House and ends at Lafayette Park (right across from the White House).

    Spread the word so that we can get lot of people at this event. We need to get the legislators to notice our huge group so that they will take us seriously! We need to get Obama to take us seriously so that he will think that legalizing cannabis is worthy of debate and it is7\\a\ZZZZA|Zz1 worthy of making it legal! We need to show them that people from all walks of life use cannabis, not just the typical “Pot Head” We need to show them that the majority of Americans use cannabis!

    The time to come out of the Cannabis Closet has come and the date is 4/20/2011! So everyone come out of the closet on that date and come to Washington and be with us, showing your support for the legalization of cannabis. Showing that the time for legalization has come, and it is now!

    Posted by mema | February 23, 2011, 3:37 pm

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