Tommy Chong comments on MPP scandal

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 23:17
“It doesn’t really bother me at all,” Tommy Chong says about sexual misconduct charges which led to the suspension of MPP executive director Rob Kampia.Cheech & Chong were honored at the MPP’s recent 15th anniversary gala in Washington, DC.

Tommy ChongSpeaking on Marijuana Radio (Show #155), Chong made the following statement abut the MPP scandal: “It’s ridiculous. It shows that Rob is successful anyway. When people start worrying about who you’re fucking you’ve really made it to the top. Look at Tiger Woods. [Rob’s] in good company. It wasn’t criminal. It just came out hat these girls all quit in protest because Rob diddled some girl. It doesn’t really bother me at all. Maybe I’m just hardened from all the Republican scandals.”

Kampia has admitted to have consensual sex with a female employee in August. After being put on leave, he conceded, “I just think I’m hyper-sexualized.” Of the seven MPP staffers who quit over issues related to Kampia’s involvement and behavior with female employees, at least three are male.

About allying with MPP over NORML, Chong, who’s on NORML’s advisory board, commented:

“What I liked about the MPP is that they’ve literally put their money where their heart is and I love that. They have made changes, visual changes. I like NORML, but MPP seemed to have a better game plan to me.”

Cheech & Chong’s Get it Legal tour heads north to Canada this weekend. They’re in Saskatoon and Regina.

Check out the entire Tommy Chong interview at Marijuana Radio.

So there you go. Finally some common sense. Yes, it was wrong, but it was an individual’s mistake. He needs to apologize and do what Republicans (and Democrats) do in a sex scandal, and leave the political scene until they have somewhat attoned for their mistakes. There’s no reason to let this scandal rip apart one of the best, most effective advocacy groups out there. Finger pointing and fighting will not do any good. (I’m looking at you, Adam).



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