Medical student Dustin Krutsinger

LLOYD JESSEN: Can we have your name, please?
DUSTIN KRUTSINGER: I’m sorry. My name is Dustin Krutsinger. I appreciate you guys having a hearing and thinking about this issue.
I’m a second year medical student here at the University of Iowa. Before that I was — practiced for six years as a registered nurse in the critical I.C.U. here at Iowa, so that — during that time I have administered as a nurse many drugs that have much worse adverse effects than marijuana. Granted, it was in an I.C.U. setting where we had monitors and such, but those drugs were passed through the system and allowed for use based on weighing a cost-benefit analysis, and that’s what I ask for when you consider this marijuana used for treatment.
I ask that you take away the stigma that’s associated with marijuana and the history behind it and look at the science. Is there a Page 65 medicinal use and benefit for marijuana? Is it relatively safe, especially compared to other medications that it would be replacing or medications that would be used for similar diseases or disorders?
And just weigh that. Forget about the stigma. Weigh the cost-benefit, and treat it as any other pharmaceutical drug that is coming into the system for consideration. Thank you.



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