Iowa medical marijuana subcommittee hearing tomorrow, 3 pm, Rm 22

This is the second time in two years that there has been a subcommittee hearing on medical marijuana, the only two times since 1996. The situation in Iowa has changed dramatically since the last subcommittee hearing two years ago. WeedPress will review tomorrow’s hearing this next week.
Two of the three subcommittee members are democrats. I’m not sure at this point in time as to their views on the issue except for Senator Bolkcom, who is sponsoring this bill.

The three subcommittee members that will attend tomorrow’s hearing:

Jack Hatch (D, District 33)
Joe Bolkcom (D, District 39)
James A. Seymour (R, District 28), Ranking Member

Contact for the Human Resources Committee can be found here: http://www.legis.iowa.gov/Schedules/committee.aspx?GA=84&CID=7

Text of the bill is here: http://coolice.legis.state.ia.us/Cool-ICE/default.asp?Category=billinfo&Service=Billbook&menu=false&hbill=sf266

February 23, 2011

Iowa: Effective medical marijuana law introduced, subcommittee meeting tomorrow!

Rep. Baudler’s ridiculous marijuana rescheduling bill awaits vote in House

In exciting medical marijuana news, Senator Joe Bolkcom (D-Iowa City) introduced S.F. 266, effective legislation based on our model bill, and it will be heard by a Senate Human Resources subcommittee tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. in Room 22 of the State Capitol. In 2009 and 2010, Sen. Bolkcom sponsored S.F. 293, but it never received a committee vote.

Ask your senator to support medical marijuana bill, S.F. 266! Iowa legislators need to hear from you.
If you are a seriously ill patient, supportive nurse, doctor, or law enforcement professional, or know one, please attend to testify, and please contact Jimmy Morrison of Iowa Patients at jimdmorrison@gmail.com for more information. We urge you to support patients by attending the subcommittee meeting, dressed in professional attire.

Also, seemingly unbalanced opponent Rep. Clel Baudler (R-Greenfield), who admitted to fraudulent misrepresentation to a California physician to get a medical marijuana recommendation, sponsored H.F. 183, which passed the Public Safety Committee and awaits a full House vote. This bill would place marijuana only in Schedule I, willfully ignoring last year’s Board of Pharmacy unanimous recommendation, and denying marijuana’s medical value. Please call your representative, and encourage her or him to choose science over politics.


Noah Mamber
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project



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