Marijuana Policy Project in trouble

Great. Just what isn’t needed. Sexual misconduct allegations, from the most well funded reform organization there is. Nice.

Anyways, this article just came out today


Beyond DC

“The Breast Massage Will Happen”: Inside the Culture of Sexual Harassment at the Marijuana Policy Project

Posted by Amanda Hess on Jan. 27, 2010, at 11:42 am


For 15 years, Rob Kampia has served as executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), a nonprofit group dedicated to the reform of marijuana laws. In that capacity, Kampia, 41, has pursued two goals. One is the steady advancement of the organization, which he founded out of his Adams Morgan home in 1995. And the other is cultivating an office environment suited to his sexual appetite. A brief inventory of Kampia’s knack for mixing business with pleasure:

  • In 2008, Kampia dated a 19-year-old MPP intern.
  • “How was the NORML Conference?” a staffer asked Kampia one year. Kampia replied, “I got laid.”
  • At a staff happy hour, Kampia guessed a female employee’s breast size and told her that she would be “hotter with a boob job.” (Kampia denies the conversation occurred).
  • Kampia made it known that a female employee’s dress had “made an impression on him.” Later, he directed her to leave some room in his schedule for “bone-girl,” a woman he was “trying to bone.” He also repeatedly informed her of his intentions to perform a “breast massage” on another woman.

I’m not going to post the whole article. But long story short, at least seven full time staffers have quit, according to High Times Magazine, and the political ramifications that will come of this scandal are anyone’s guess at this point in time. It appears that Mr. Kampia was deliberately keeping new policy measures about sexual misconduct in the workplace from being instituted, and then allegedly asking” ‘Are you aware that I haven’t violated any written policies of MPP?’”

Whatever comes of this, one thing can be certain…sexual misconduct, and political scandals in general, don’t only happen to Congressmen. They even happen, to the best of us.

Hopefully Mr. Kampia will learn from his mistake and continue to be a respectable supporter for the reform of our drug laws. While sexual misconduct of any kind, especially in the workplace, is unacceptable, you can bet that Pigots and Prohibitionists will pounce at this opportunity to finally have a political “victory” under their belts. They deserve one of those every once in awhile, the poor geezers. They really think they know what they’re talking about!



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