“I’m not a scientist.”

Jennifer Husmann, certified prevention specialist with the Area Substance Abuse Council, after quoting studies without citing the actual study or journal the studies were in.

“But I am — I have an immediate family member with significant mental illness, and frankly, the idea of increased risk of mental problems in our society because of more possibly sanctioned marijuana use really frightens me as a parent and as a prevention specialist. “–Jennifer Husmann clarifying that she doesn’t verify information that comes across her desk, and instead uses the availability heuristic and fear mongering to try and dissuade the millions of people who benefit from the “safest most therapeutic substance known to mankind” from using the medicine, as her one family member has a mental illness. It is sad, and I feel for you Jennifer, but that is NOT how public policy should be decided.

How do these people call themselves “specialists” when they don’t even cite misrepresented studies properly? Is it because they don’t WANT the studies to be publicly known? Because that would cause some issues when they are shot down, wouldn’t it???

“I’m not going to say all the sources, but I do have them here, and most of them I received from the website of the Iowa Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy.”– Jennifer  further elaborating that she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about, and is instead parroting information from a ridiculously biased source.

LLOYD JESSEN: I’m sorry. Can I interrupt your — we’re in control of this hearing and we will say who you can and cannot ask questions, and I would also like to say that each speaker needs to be treated with the respect that they deserve.
We’ve not heard anyone booed here today who has spoken in favor of it, and I will not have anyone have anyone who speaks against it be booed. So thank you for that cooperation.I COMPLETELY AGREE MR. JESSEN. Give people the respect they deserve…ESPECIALLY if that calls for booing morons such Jennifer off the stage.



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