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Medical Cannabidiol Advisory Board Hearing Scheduled For August and November — Dates and Location Plus How To Petition For Additional Illnesses (Without Having To Spend Time Suing For Equal Protection) 08/03/2018 – 08-03-2018 – Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Advisory Board Meeting – Iowa Laboratory Facility – 2240 DMACC Blvd., Ankeny, IA 11/02/2018 – 11-02-2018 – Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Advisory Board Meeting – Iowa Laboratory Facility – 2240 DMACC Blvd., Ankeny, IA Here’s the link to apply for a medical card: Here’s the link to … Continue reading

When Chief Burke references “misinformation,” he can’t be referring to WeedPress, but his own statements — here’s the lie #NoTHC

Brad Burke told community members at a public forum that Nature Ammil products tested positive for THC. Phone calls to the crime lab had technicians stating otherwise, as the term “marijuana preparation” has nothing to do with THC, and apparently the products did not all test positive for THC, only one. Due to lack of … Continue reading

While The City Manager Tries To Save Face With Private Meeting, Chief of Police Brad Burke Shits Himself Over Allegations of Misconduct #MediaMouthpieces #Shills #PoliceState

Follow WeedPress on Facebook to see our complaint filed with Carroll’s city manager. Our completely separate issue of harassment and intimidation of one WeedPress contributor, Jason Karimi, who founded this blog and also writes for the Iowa Free Press will be shared on WeedPress once the final complaint is filed with the city. Brad Burke … Continue reading

KCRG TV-9 Covers Opiate Crisis…While Certain Iowans Judge Sick People As Less Than Human, Others Seek Compassionate Alternatives Instead Medical cannabis as an alternative wasn’t included in this report but has been included in others. Opiates are much more dangerous than cannabis, and CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain are a major cause of migraines. Endocannabinoid science matters. From KCRG’s article, “Feeling the pain of the opiate crackdown:” “In fact, to reduce … Continue reading

CBD Company Prime My Body In Consultation With Hoban Law Issues Statewide Alert: CBD Products Are Illegal In Iowa According To Department of Public Health

The Iowa State Attorney’s General Office, according to sources, has phoned Iowa Department of Health’s Sarah Reisetter to state the Attorney General’s office believes CBD to be illegal in the state of Iowa. Nothing in writing has confirmed this account so far. It would be nice if the Carroll Police would stop treating this like … Continue reading

“Moms Strong” Facebook Group Calls Marijuana Activists Immoral, Evil, Deletes Anyone Who Asks For Help For Families #EvilCensorship #OpiateCrisis #HarmReduction #Science

We will be following this post to obliterate the ignorance among pot activists. This is how other mothers view you. My comments were deleted, and they are banning all dissent. I asked why they took the immoral position, and they declined to reply. Moms Strong Yesterday at 11:40am · Today, we are spending the day … Continue reading

This Is Linda Upmeyer’s Twitter Account. You Know. Because Pictures And Families. #Attack #LawsuitsIncoming

This woman thinks marijuana is an excuse to get high. Take her family, and put them on the negotiating table. She used her family as an excuse not to legalize marijuana, saying she was so f***ing terrified, that her 45 year old CEO son living in Washington State might smoke the dreaded weed and smile … Continue reading

Law Enforcement Agencies From Around The State Weigh In On JJ Schreck, Carroll Police Improper Misconduct And Lack Of Concern For Neighboring Communities Safety

Carroll Police have a clean up in aisle 9. Clean up in aisle 9…please. Without revealing whom said what at this point, suffice it to say law enforcement is closely following WeedPress, thinks we are doing the right thing here (if anyone disagrees please feel free to say so in the comments on any of … Continue reading

Iowa Press Debates: Democratic Gubernatorial Primary (Iowa Marijuana Program Discussed Extensively at 53 Minute Mark) [VIDEO]

  53:42 Mrs. McGuire. Another health issue. Medical marijuana. [Cathy Glasson snickers] Doctors are reluctant to recommend it as treatment because under the federal law it’s still a controlled substance. How do you resolve that without action at the federal level? Dr. McGuire: Well I think you have to do something with the state to … Continue reading

Eight More Universities To Study Medical Marijuana | MJBizDaily

Pennsylvania on Monday unveiled eight universities that will be allowed to research medical marijuana, a potential boon for an industry where cannabis study is extremely limited. According to the Tribune-Review, the schools authorized to conduct MMJ research are: Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie Lewis Katz School of … Continue reading

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