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Benton Mackenzie trial postponed. Notes from court this morning:

9:19 am: All rise.

9:20 am: Courtroom #4 is packed to the brim. Courtroom #3 is where County Attorney’s office told me to go.

Judge: Asks if defense attorney would like to address court.

DA: Says Mackenzie is hallucinating, unable to sit in chair, medication on way, phone call to Charles Mackenzie has medicine on way, once medicine arrives will take around 5 minutes to take effect. DA says recess needed until medication enables Benton to sit up in wheelchair. Asks for jury to be released.


Woman speaks, says Sunday was bad for Benton, they didn’t know if he would live or die. Please finish case as fast as possible.

Judge: Mention of offer of proof?

DA: IDK. Mackenzie wants to testify. Goal is to make offer of proof outside presence of jury. States he hasn’t been on case for long, unlike other attorneys.

Judge: I hope medication will help him sit up and work with you. We have to regulate medication in future better. I will not allow jury in courtroom while Mackenzie is on the front pew lying down. I will speak to jury in private with court reporter. I will release the jury and admonish them.

Quad City Times coverage here:

Join the Free Benton Mackenzie group here.

Join the Free Benton Mackenzie group here.

Word has it a Des Moines Register reporter looked at pictures of Benton’s tumors, and asked to never be contacted again.

Pictures are available here:

Now is time to contact anyone you know in media, radio, print, wherever, to cover this story.



4 thoughts on “Benton Mackenzie trial postponed. Notes from court this morning:

  1. This is INFURIATING. The judge in this case should have already declared summary judgement, excused the jurors and told the District Attorney to go play hide and go fuck himself.

    Posted by Stephen Bradley (@sbrad) | July 7, 2014, 6:33 pm
  2. Those bastards won’t be happy till they kill Benton.Our courts are soout of control all they care about is a guilty verdict .

    Posted by Larry Harvey | July 7, 2014, 9:39 pm


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