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MUST SEE: West Des Moines Mayor, Republican Steve Gaer, on Iowa Public Television: “Don’t deny us something we know has helped other people”

West Des Moines Mayor Steve Gaer (R) and Senator Joe Bolkcom discussed medical cannabis on Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Press. Joining Bolkco and Gaer at the Iowa Press table were moderator Dean Borg; Kay Henderson, news director for Radio Iowa; and James Lynch, political reporter for The Gazette. Click here to watch the full video … Continue reading

Iowa Senate Resolution Calls for Legislative Study on Medical Cannabis — Not To Be Completed Until After November Elections?

From today’s Des Moines Register: “Five Republicans and five Democrats co-signed Senate Resolution 112, which seeks an examination on establishing a medical use of cannabis program in Iowa. “I am optimistic that this study will be approved. I think there is support for it in both the House and the Senate,” said Sen. Joe Bolkcom, … Continue reading

Steve Gaer, Republican Mayor of West Des Moines, Featured on ABC 5 Last Night in Fight to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Steve Gaer was featured last night on Channel 5 News. It was the top story of the evening — 81% of Iowans supporting medical cannabis, as well as the medical experts in the state, still doesn’t seem enough to convince the Legislature. Click here to watch the story, “Iowans Polled.” If Legislators don’t fix this, … Continue reading

Christian Talk Show Hosts Discuss Medical Cannabis in Iowa on “View From a Pew,” 99.3 FM Boone, Iowa

View From a Pew is talking about medical cannabis again! Video is below. Follow WeedPress on Facebook for more. See also: Iowa Christian Talk Show Host Prays For Medical Cannabis — Urges Iowa Legislature, Christian Leaders to “Do your research.” God made cannabis for a reason, and science shows the recently discovered endocannabinoid system to … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Heated Discussion on Floor of Iowa Senate Last Tuesday: A Glimmer of Hope for Medical Cannabis?

Last Tuesday, multiple Senators from both sides of the aisle got into a quibble on the floor of the Iowa Senate. Click here to view the video in the Iowa Senate archives. Discussion begins at 27:35 of the video. Republicans accused Senator Bolkcom of being disingenuous with his leadership on this issue, while Senator Bolkcom … Continue reading

Drinking Liquor at the Polk County GOP Convention? Better Blog About It!

Yesterday’s Polk County GOP Convention had a reporter from the Iowa Republican there live blogging the event. Apparently, illegally consuming alcohol on school grounds is socially acceptable, but allowing medical cannabis for those who truly need it is not. From The Iowa Republican: ” 9:08 Good thing my flask is easily hidden. 9:42 (drink). 10:13 … Continue reading

Iowan with Scoliosis, Bipolar: “If it wasn’t for marijuana I would not be able to walk”

Here’s a testimonial from an Iowan with scoliosis and bipolar disorder: “I have been diagnosed with scoliosis and deterioration of the disks and spine. I am an avid smoker. If it wasn’t for marijuana I would not be able to walk or move and take care of my daily duties. It helps with my pain … Continue reading

Iowan Anonymous Testimony: “It must be regulated”

Here’s a testimonial from another Iowan: “I pray that Iowa will take the studies from responsible states like New Mexico program. There are so many scientific studies from different universities all over the country and the world on the positive use of cbd and thc for medical use and also agricultural uses. It must be … Continue reading

VIDEO: Iowa Republican Caucus Discusses Medical Cannabis at Polk County Convention

Today’s Polk County GOP convention discussed supporting medical cannabis. Video is below. See also: Live Blog: Polk County GOP Convention Follow WeedPress on Facebook for more.

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