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Iowa Christian Talk Show Host Prays For Medical Cannabis — Urges Iowa Legislature, Christian Leaders to “Do your research”

Last Thursday, a local Christian talk radio show based out of Ames, Iowa, prayed for legalization of medical cannabis.

“View From a Pew” host Reike Plecas called Christian leaders last Thursday to join him in demanding the Iowa Legislature research the benefits of medical cannabis.

“View From a Pew” host Reike Plekas interviewed two mothers whose children have incurable epilepsy — Sally Gaer, whose husband is the current Republican Mayor of West Des Moines, and Maria la France, a mother who recently went to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to beg the board to “make rules for responsibly distributing cannabis as medicine” as outlined in Iowa Code 124.204(4))(m) and Iowa Code 124.206(7)(a).

After discussing cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, host Reike Plecas, founder of Iowa-Illinois Gospel Events, prayed with Bishop Kenneth Hagler, Sr, asking God to enlighten the Iowa Legislature as to the benefits of medical cannabis:

“Bishop Hagler, I’m going to ask that you pray for our legislators in Iowa, that their minds be changed to a godset state of mind, that God just lay on their hearts to really look at the research that’s been done in regards to these oils and these plants — in regards to the lifelong effects that it can have in regards to people. Would you mind doing that for us today?” — Reike Plecas

“Yes, I can do that now. Father, we thank you. We thank you for those of us that have gathered here on this station. We thank you for the open door that he has set for us, father. And we pray now, we agree, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that you would lay your hand upon our legislators, in the name of Jesus. And we pray that their eyes will be opened, and that understanding will come to their heart. And God we pray that only your will be done, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that your knowledge will come to them as an open window in the name of Jesus, that we may go forth. And we ask that you would also bless these young people that are suffering with this condition. We just decree in the name of Jesus Christ, that your virtue will flow from the heavens and that you will heal their bodies, and that they shall recover from all sickness and all disease. And we decree these things to be so in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, and help the parents and give them strength, and encourage their heart. And we ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.” –Bishop Kenneth D. Hagler Sr. (26:45-28:25)

Reike Plecas then made an impassioned plea to the Iowa Legislature, asking that they look at the benefits of medical cannabis and listen to the Christian community:

Sally Gaer with daughter, Margaret, and husband Steve. 23 year old Margaret has Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. Steve Gaer is the Mayor of West Des Moines — far from the stereotypical “pothead” frequently associated with “legalizers.”

“And you know, I’m just going to say this. You know, the Word says to say so. And to the legislators and the House of Representatives and the Senate — you know I don’t follow you people but I will! (laughs) I’m hoping that God will make a move and a shift in the atmosphere here.

“You know, we’ve seen it with stem cell research, we’ve seen it with stints in a person’s (cardiovascular) system — why can’t this happen in regards to a person who has an epileptic seizure, or other harmful side effects going on with their body? And so I receive that prayer, and I’m going to start standing in the gap. And I’m going to call upon all the spiritual leaders that hear this message, that they start standing in the gap as well. You know, it’s people like us that need to speak up, speak out, and say so, and make this voice be heard.

“It’s time for us to take the airways and the highways and the byways back for Jesus Christ, so that we can say to our legislators, you know, you need to hear this show. You need to act accordingly. I voted you into office. I support you. My tax dollars pay for you. If you want them to pay you more, you need to do your research in regards to the things that are beneficial…

“We know we’re at the half million mark now…so I’m just encouraging all the people, all the viewers, all the listeners of the “View from a Pew”…write your legislators, call them up. And tell them to be encouraged to stand in the gap for Maria. To stand in the gap for Sally and your families here, your children, your son, your daughter. And our pastoral team, to stand in the gap alongside you, to be encouraged. Pastors words are not dropped upon deaf ears by any means.” — Reike Plecas, host, “View from the Pew”

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Below is the full episode from January 23rd, 2014:

“View From the Pew” is described on the website:

“We discuss today’s relevant topics with a view from the “Faith and Values” community. Christians, Muslims, Judaism as well as most religion leaders share their world view on Politics, Lifestyle and Beliefs. It’s a “no holds barred” conversation on all the tough subjects we face on a daily basis.”

“View From a Pew” is broadcast live Monday through Friday on The Truth Network 99.3 FM in Ames, Iowa. You can also watch “View From a Pew” live here at



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