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Guide to Iowa Caucuses: Becoming a Delegate, and Introducing Medical Cannabis Resolutions

A coordinated effort is underway throughout Iowa to send medical cannabis supporters to the Iowa Caucuses. Here’s everything you need to know for this upcoming Tuesday.

Dates to know:

Precinct Caucuses: January 21

 (next Tuesday)
County Conventions: March 8

District Conventions: April 26

Republicans, look up your caucus location here:

Democrats, look up your caucus location here:

Independents, you can register for either party at your precinct caucus location. Simply decide which party you’d like to caucus at this year and look up the location in the above links.


Democrat and Republican caucuses are slightly different. Here’s a guide to both caucuses at the Des Moines Register. Basically, caucuses are nothing more than a gathering of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference. Showing up is the most important part — don’t worry about if you’re not an “expert” on this issue. Even if you’re completely new to this process, showing up is a huge help. Friends are even better.


While you DO NOT have to be elected as a delegate to go lobby at the county and district conventions, you should try and get elected anyways. If you don’t get elected as a delegate, sign up as an alternate. There is no limit to alternates, and by being an alternate, you get your name on a list of people they’re expecting at the county and district conventions.

I’m going to try and get elected as a delegate in my Republican precinct.


In 2012, with 75% supporting, a resolution stating simply “We support medical cannabis in Iowa” was passed at my Republican precinct caucus. I failed to follow up by attending county and district conventions.

By getting yourself elected as a delegate, you can make certain a medical cannabis resolution gets voted on at county and district conventions. Even if you do not pass a resolution at previous conventions, you can still introduce resolutions at county and district conventions. If you’re not a delegate, you must get a delegate to introduce the resolution for you. Again, this is where showing up is key: by being there, you can talk with people to help you on this issue. You’ll find many more supporters than you anticipated — but only if you show up.

Not showing up means nobody will care about medical cannabis.


Voting is great. Caucusing is better. Go caucus. We're all in this together.

Voting is great. Caucusing is better. Go caucus. We’re all in this together.

Get yourself to these conventions and argue for medical cannabis the best you can. Bring friends — there is power in numbers, and having someone there you know will help you stay focused.

Follow WeedPress on Facebook. I’ll put forms for submitting medical cannabis resolutions on WeedPress later this week. Simply download them, print them off, and take them to your local caucus. And again, MAKE SURE TO GET ELECTED AS A DELEGATE and if that fails MAKE SURE THEY PUT YOUR NAME DOWN AS AN ALTERNATE. There is no limit to the number of alternates, and they frequently get promoted to delegates.

Through all of our combined efforts, the caucuses offer an opportunity to take medical cannabis directly to party activists who hold a lot of sway over the future of their party. In order to win, we need to use every possible angle, and the caucuses must not be ignored.

Thanks for reading — please, share this post with your friends, and get them to come with you to your caucus. If YOU do not get involved, you will regret it later. Act now.



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