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“My sister suffers extreme spasticity from MS, but medical marijuana is the only thing that has helped her.”

Here’s a testimonial from Winnebago County: “Cannabis has proven medical benefits. It is impossible to overdose on, it is not a central nervous system depressor and can therefore be used in conjunction with many other drugs, it is safer to use than tylenol from a potential for death perspective, and it is far less addictive … Continue reading

Iowa Christian Talk Show Host Prays For Medical Cannabis — Urges Iowa Legislature, Christian Leaders to “Do your research”

Last Thursday, a local Christian talk radio show based out of Ames, Iowa, prayed for legalization of medical cannabis. “View From a Pew” host Reike Plekas interviewed two mothers whose children have incurable epilepsy — Sally Gaer, whose husband is the current Republican Mayor of West Des Moines, and Maria la France, a mother who … Continue reading

10 Questions with John Zimmerman, Candidate for Johnson County Attorney

I spoke with Johnson County Attorney candidate John Zimmerman earlier this week. His campaign has caught the attention of cannabis activists around the state — it’s not everyday a Mennonite pastor runs for office promising to stop prosecuting marijuana users. To find more information on John Zimmerman’s campaign, see his facebook page here at … Continue reading

Scott County, Iowa: “Medical marijuana could dramatically help subdue those seizures”

Here’s a testimonial from Scott County, Iowa: “I have learned that some properties or compounds that come from the marijuana plant could be very helpful towards helping persons with severe seizures due to medical issues that people are born with. I am sure that there are many types of illnesses to mention here but I … Continue reading

Iowa Cannabis Activists Find Success At Caucuses, Advance Medical Cannabis Resolutions To County Conventions — Bipartisan Supporters Elected as Delegates

Here’s my report about the Iowa Caucuses last Tuesday: Tuesday was the beginning of the caucus process. A total of 8 medical cannabis activists are confirmed as elected delegates to their county caucus, which will take place March 8th. Not all people who caucused have reported as to their results. Mixed results around the state … Continue reading

Iowa mother wants medical cannabis for children’s epilepsy, ADHD

Here’s a testimonial from another Iowa mother: “My son is five and has been on phenobarbital for three years for the epilepsy. He always has bruises from it. I would love to be able to have him on something that mother nature has made herself. I also have severe anxiety. My eldest son has been … Continue reading

Anonymous Iowan: “I don’t think it’s right for us to have to leave home just to receive proper medical care.”

Here’s a testimonial from another Iowa mother: “The fact that cannabis oil has been proven to shrink and slow tumor growth is completely ignored by the government. Every day I have to see my fiance’s mother slowly dying from bone marrow cancer, and I know that if we just lived a few states away she … Continue reading

Minnesota: Cops Return Cannabis Pipe to 15 Year Old Rastafarian Following Ruling by Supreme Court

WeedPress broke the news two years ago about Rastafarian Jamison Arend’s legal exemption to smoke cannabis while on probation. Earlier this month, following a Court of Appeals ruling, Jamison’s son, “J.J.M.A.,” had a confiscated cannabis pipe returned to him from police evidence after the Court ruled J.J.M.A. had a religious right to possess the pipe. … Continue reading

Iowan with MS to Iowa Legislature: “It is your job to assist, not obstruct, MS patients and their decision to improve the quality of their lives”

For information on how to submit a medical cannabis resolution at tonight’s Iowa caucus, please see Iowa Caucuses Tonight at 7 pm: How To Submit Medical Cannabis Resolution. Here’s a testimonial from an Iowan with multiple sclerosis: “With MS, the body’s energy is used up by the immune system. For 24 hours a day, the … Continue reading

Iowa Pastor: “As a member of the clergy…I hope that Iowa will legalize doctor prescribed cannabis”

For information on how to submit a medical cannabis resolution at tonight’s Iowa caucus, please see Iowa Caucuses Tonight at 7 pm: How To Submit Medical Cannabis Resolution. Here’s a testimonial from an Iowa pastor: “As a member of the clergy, I struggle with abuse of what God has given us. However, I do not … Continue reading

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