Iowa Supporters: Make A Statement About How You Feel About A Strict Medical Cannabis Program

Maria la France, mother of 12 year old epileptic Quincy, has made an easy to use form to allow Iowans to show their support for medical cannabis in 2014.

Click here to show your support. Below is a letter from Maria:

Fellow Iowans,

As you may know, I’m trying to obtain legal access to medical cannabis for Quincy’s seizures. I have proof that it will help him. Many people have asked if there is something they can do to help, and I have a solution that should only take a minute.

The form below allows you to make a statement about how you feel about a strict medical cannabis program, either for or against, or any concerns. You can state if you are a friend or family of someone like Quincy, and you can also raise any concerns you have. It’s time for a serious discussion with our legislators about a responsible medical cannabis program in Iowa.

Did you know the Iowa Board of Pharmacy held hearings and heard over 100 testimonials from patients and doctors and reviewed scientific studies and recommended the legislature to reclassify cannabis to schedule II, acknowledging it has medicinal value? I didn’t know that either! The legislators and the news pretty much ignored it except for a few reporters, and I was probably on vacation when the news came out, and I never heard about it.

Will you please take a quick moment and fill this out? People ask me what Quincy wants for Christmas. Well, he wants safe access to lab-tested medical cannabis. There will soon be a bill introduced similar to New Mexico’s bill for a strict program. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope to quit bugging people about this and go back to my regular life after this bill is passed this spring. Feel free to forward this.

–Maria La France

Show your support for passing legislation for Medical Cannabis in 2014! Let your voice be heard loudly by the legislature and the Governor! This information will only be shared with Iowa legislators and not with anyone else except the organizers for this bill.

Here’s the full link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vAWJ2fnDLdVUaYqu8uwlhpdYB54PDf4o7oIgTCOKYJ4/viewform

Thanks for speaking out.

medical cannabis form



7 thoughts on “Iowa Supporters: Make A Statement About How You Feel About A Strict Medical Cannabis Program

  1. Can a former Iowan who was forced to move to Colorado for mmj and who also testified at all 4 Iowa Board of Pharmacy hearings in 2009 and before an Iowa Senate Sub Committee with Sen Bolkcom in 2010, help support your cause Maria? Imagine my surprise while after having 2 years of safe, legal and daily use of medical marijuana for chronic nausea & vomiting control due to Diabetic Neuropathic Gastroparesis (Paralyzed Stomach) it cured my diabetes. Fact. August 2013 blood tests confirmed I do not need Glucophage/Metformin for Blood Sugar Control (Diabetes), Simvastatin (Cholesterol) and Lisinopril (Blood Pressure) medications. That’s 3 FDA Approved Medications Medical Marijuana has enabled me to discontinue with my Colorado Internist’s supervision and approval. I had been on these 3 medications for over a decade and in only 2 (Two) years through the smoking of Medical Marijuana I no longer have Diabetes, High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure. Don’t let them fool you, even smoked marijuana is medicine and I am living proof. Best wishes to you and Quincey’s fight for success. If my testimonial would help, even though I am no longer an Iowa resident, just let me know. God bless…

    Posted by Jeff Elton | December 12, 2013, 12:30 pm
    • Absolutely! I’d suggest filling this form out with your old county of residence, and then when Maria contacts you just let her know you moved out of state. You’re always welcome to send anything in about your struggle to post on here as well Jeff. Glad you’re doing better health wise, this plant truly is amazing!

      Posted by jsnsoc8 | December 14, 2013, 11:55 am
      • It truly is an amazing plant and with the cannabis monograph it can now be researched like the FDA requires. . Done, form filled out. Seems to me change in Iowa will only happen with a new Gov and Administration. Branstad, Baudler, Grassley and Lukan have done a great job in promoting Marijuana Prohibition and Fear. In turn you, Carl et al are doing a great job bringing out the facts. I wonder why no one responded to Dr Gupta’s comment that marijuana was placed in Schedule I with ‘no science’. Doesn’t the ‘no science’ point call our politicians/doctors/scientists/etc., to action? Evidently not, its easier to just ignore it. Make believe it was never said. Let the next guy in office deal with it. Privately Branstad has to see the scientific truth, so what is his motivation to continue marijuana prohibition and ignorance? Money? Politics? Let me know if anyone knows. I do know eventually Iowa will be forced to accept medical marijuana just as the federal gov’t will.

        Posted by Jeff Elton | December 14, 2013, 2:03 pm
  2. I understand that a 12 year old girl made this. Thanks and all for her trying to get people to support by filling out this information. It is a sweet idea. However it reminds me of how the Government and the media reacts to us putting children in the front lines. This .kind of reminds me of when Sadam marched children in front of tanks. Not a approach good for our movement. The media loves to print stuff like, look at what they’re doing to the kids. I have had Girl Scouts and Brownies make us posters and even gave me a special patch to wear on my Army jacket for marching for a cause that landed their mother in jail. I get why they care so very much. She need to understand that people are afraid to even click on links that I post about Marijuana / Cannabis here in the state Iowa. This asks way too much information. We are for all practical considerations , tax paying citizens. John Q. Public. We live in a zero tolerance state, no one wants to give them our personal information so that we can have trouble come down on our heads from co-workers, family, and or Anti- cannabis narks. I hope she and all concerned with this ‘ Form”, understand the fear generated by such a form. I hope you all can understand why no one will willing fill this out. Peace out, Brian

    Posted by Brian McCullough | December 12, 2013, 5:15 pm
    • 12 year old child (boy) my bad

      Posted by Brian McCullough | December 12, 2013, 5:23 pm
    • As we become the majority, let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot with the tried-and-true paranoid rants, mmmmk? We’re the winners now. Start acting like it.

      Posted by jsnsoc8 | December 14, 2013, 11:54 am
    • Frankly I think you couldn’t get a better PR hook than the truth. Marijuana saves lives and yes especially children. In a medical way we are, as of yet, ignorant to i.e. the Endocannabinoid System and the 66 different cannabinoids and how they work. It takes the people speaking out to change this. That’s what they had in mind when placing marijuana in Schedule I. I know your fear, its one of the reasons I moved from Iowa to Colorado, and so do they. Its what they hope will keep you/us quiet. Best of luck to all in this fight for Freedom.

      Posted by Jeff Elton | December 14, 2013, 2:14 pm

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