November Sets New Record for WeedPress As Patients Continue to Send Letters About Their Struggles

Last month saw more media attention on the issue of medical cannabis than I’ve ever seen — and it’s mostly due to the patients that have been pushing this issue and coming forward.

Senator Bolkcom said we needed to gather patient testimonials, and patients have responded since I put the call out on the Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana Facebook Page. Keep the stories coming — email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com to share your story, or write to me on the WeedPress Facebook page.

Here’s the top posts shared with the world over the past month:

Branstad was a popular guy this past month.

Branstad was a popular guy this past month.

Misinformed Terry Branstad on Medical Marijuana 686 shares
16 Month Old From Iowa Needs Low-THC Cannabis Oil For Epileptic Seizures, Says Parents Who Plan Move to Colorado 261 shares
Iowa: Grittman Family’s Latest Appeal To Legislature to Allow Cannabis For Their Two Year Old, Braedy 233 shares
[UPDATE] Iowans With 17 Month Old With Chronic Seizures Travel To Realm of Caring in Colorado 226 shares
West Des Moines Mayor’s Wife on Iowa Public Radio 204 shares
Medical Marijuana on Iowa Public Radio Tomorrow At Noon with Senator Joe Bolkcom, Steve Lukan 178 shares
Iowa Crohns Patient To Iowa Legislature: “Cannabis Could Help Me and Thousands Of Iowans Live a Better Life” 176 shares
PRESS ADVISORY: A Sensible Conversation about Medical Cannabis in Iowa 175 shares
Iowa Woman With Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia: “I Feel It Is Time For Iowa To Move To Medical Marijuana” 161 shares
Dr. Steve Jenison, Former Director of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program, to Speak at ISU on November 10th 129 shares
Iowan With Chronic Back Pain: “Cannabis has felt like a second chance at life. I just don’t want to feel like a criminal.” 98 shares
Need An Internship? Iowa NORML Is Now Filling Positions! 64 shares
TONIGHT: 6 PM, Des Moines Public Library Downtown, “A Sensible Conversation about Medical Cannabis in Iowa” 63 Facebook shares
[UPDATE] After Three Weeks of Cannabis Oil, Nine Year Old Epileptic Iowan Seizure-Free For 10 Days! 38 shares

3,231 views over the past week!
Even better, 2,446 people clicked “share” during the month of November!!

Thank you to everyone involved in this movement, and a huge thank you to the courageous patients who have come forward over the past month. We’re all made some big waves this past month, and I think we should all congratulate ourselves. While hundreds of Iowans have shared their stories with me privately over the past few years, Legislators haven’t heard from them. This year, you’ve all shown you aren’t willing to let that happen — and Legislators are listening.

We’ve got Legislators attention — let’s make the most of it. Email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com to share your story, or write to me on the WeedPress Facebook page. If you would like to keep your story anonymous for obvious reasons, feel free, but we also need people who are able to put a face to the movement — perfect candidates are those who have fled the state of Iowa to get treatment in states where medical cannabis is legal, or those who don’t use cannabis but would like to have the option of using cannabis legally.

If we continue to share our stories and contact legislators, they will have no choice but to respond. Follow WeedPress on Facebook and keep on sharing!



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