[Transcript] Benton Mackenzie Request for Waiver — Iowa Board of Pharmacy Hearing, November 6, 2013

Benton Mackenzie petitioned the Iowa Board of Pharmacy for an exemption to Iowa’s criminal laws against cannabis. WeedPress followers will recall Benton’s arrest for growing cannabis to cure his own cancer. The Quad City Times Editorial Board wrote an article calling for the charges against Benton to be dropped.

Benton Mackenzie and wife, Loretta Mackenzie.

Benton Mackenzie and wife, Loretta Mackenzie.

Benton hoped the Iowa Board of Pharmacy could help him — here’s the response they gave him. Carl Olsen declined an invitation from the bureaucrats following the hearing to go out to eat, saying after what they did to Benton, he wasn’t hungry any more.

Audio available at Carl’s Cannabis Corner.

Benton Mackenzie: Mackenzies.

Debbie: Yes, is this Ben?

Benton Mackenzie: Yes.

Debbie Jorgenson: Hi Ben, this is Debbie and I have the Board of Pharmacy here.

Benton Mackenzie: Howdy.

Debbie Jorgenson: Hello?

Edward Maier: Hello Ben. We wondered if you would like to address the Board. We’ve been conversing with the Helping Humans Charity.

Benton Mackenzie: Oh, yes.

Edward Maier: We have — we’ve kind of relayed to them that the way things stand legally, there are no rules written, and therefore we can’t waive something that’s not written. We only have the right to waive rules. But we wanted to give you a chance to visit for a second, so we dialed you up, and if you have anything you’d like to say to the Board, you’re on the floor.

Benton Mackenzie: Well, I had a lot of things that I wanted to say, and I guess none of them seem right any more at the moment. But, I’m not really even sure where the rules are being written at the moment, but if that happens to land on your shoulders, I’d love to be able to talk with whoever it is that makes those decisions, because there’s a lot of input that’s not given by people who are in the mix so to speak. There are a lot of, well, because of the stringent rules, there is a lot of misinformation out there, misleading a lot of people. My primary focus on that subject is in regards to plant count. A lot of people think that you get a pound of marijuana out of a plant, but that’s just not reality. It can happen, for an expert, but most people in the, the necessity, are not experts, and it can get very expensive to rely on somebody else. Especially the way my needs come into play. I consume about a gram of oil a day just to prevent the tumors from spreading and growing, and it gives a very slow shrinking effect with the THC. But when you focus on a high CBD strain, which are not available on the black market usually, that’s when you really start to get your cancer consuming activity, and the tumors shrink very rapidly. Along with a lot of health benefits that come with it. My Advare consumption when I use the juice especially goes to nothing, and I feel like I have no asthma either. And for those two ways of consumption, if you don’t heat the oil, you don’t get any psychoactive effect. And that’s very important for people to understand. That makes it safe for anybody in my opinion. I’m not a doctor, but with no psychoactivity, the abuse factor goes way, way down –

Edward Maier: Ben, I hate to interrupt you, but we have a lot of things on our agenda today. If you had anything specifically to address, relative to this waiver, otherwise we’re going to go ahead and proceed to take some action, and we wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Benton Mackenzie: All right, well, yeah, it’s a matter of life and death for a lot of people, and people need to understand, it’s not just an improvement in quality of life, but it is actually a life giving substance, and it needs to be made available to not just me, but a lot of people that are in my boat.

Edward Maier: Okay, thank you for your comments. And, um – we need a motion, one way or the other.

Susan Frey: I move we deny the waiver request, because we cannot waive statute, and the rules that are cited do not apply to the waiver request.

Benton Mackenzie: Ok. Thank you. I hope I can influence your input in the future.

The motion passed; petition denied.

QCTimes Editorial Board: "Iowa law prohibits Mackenzie from growing, refining and using marijuana extracts to treat his cancer. Research elsewhere suggests promising results from the extract...The same facts in a different state would leave Mackenzie labeled a homeopathic pioneer."

QCTimes Editorial Board: “Iowa law prohibits Mackenzie from growing, refining and using marijuana extracts to treat his cancer. Research elsewhere suggests promising results from the extract…The same facts in a different state would leave Mackenzie labeled a homeopathic pioneer.”

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