Notes on New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program

Here are some of the key notes I took on Dr. Jenison’s speech in Ames last week. For more information on New Mexico’s medical cannabis program, see IowaMedicalMariuana.org and NORML.org

Medical Cannabis in New Mexico goes back to 1978
— Lynn Pearson Therapeutic Research Program passes in 1983
— Defunded after five years, although language is still in New Mexico Code

Governor Gary Johnson formed task force Dr. Jenison served on in 90s
— Recommended mmj, decriminalization, and treatment over incarceration
— Recommendations did not pass Legislature

After Gary Johnson left office, Governor Bill Richardson became interested in medical cannabis in his third year in office
–Dr. Jenison credits Bill Richardson and Congresswoman Michelle Grisham for key roles in bring medical cannabis program to fruition
— “She will be a very important politician in the future.” –Dr. Jenison

42% of patients in New Mexico program use it for PTSD
–#1 reason medical cannabis is used in New Mexico is PTSD
— 4,256 total PTSD patients out of 9,950 total patients in program

23 licensed producers
— 150 plants mature
— Immature plants allowed to be grown as well
— Harvested product allowed proportional to patients served
— Yearly fees: 1st year, $5k; 2nd year, $10k; 3rd year and beyond, $30k

Different than California and Colorado:
— NO storefront dispensaries
— DISCREET grows only
— Unmarked home delivery available



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