Medical Marijuana Event in Iowa City Gets Major Media Attention

Dr. Jenison’s speech in Ames last week was good — and the one in Iowa City was amazing.

I made it to the Ames hearing and took two pages of notes on the New Mexico program — I’ll put that in a separate post. For now, I’d like to simply share the outstanding media attention from Iowa City’s event:

The Daily Iowan:

Senator Joe Bolkcom.

Senator Joe Bolkcom.

“Dr. Steve Jenison, the first director of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program, met with a diverse crowd of medical marijuana supporters on Tuesday. People shared stories of how cannabis has eased their medical conditions, from epilepsy to PTSD, even when all other drugs had failed.

“People in New Mexico aren’t worried about increased cannabis use,” Jenison said. “They’re more interested in the idea that medical cannabis might reduce alcohol and opiate abuse.”

Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, is modeling new medical-marijuana legislation on New Mexico’s successful program. That program has helped more than 10,000 patients since 2007, Jenison said.

“With 20 different programs in different states, we can start to figure out which is best,” Bolkcom said. “I think New Mexico has a good one. They have a rigorous process to get approved for medical marijuana.” –Iowa legislators and community members discuss legalizing medicinal marijuana

The Gazette:

Dr. Steve Jenison, U of I alum, spoke Tuesday in Iowa City about New Mexico's medical cannabis program.

Dr. Steve Jenison, U of I alum, spoke Tuesday in Iowa City about New Mexico’s medical cannabis program.

“Why should the state deny people access to a treatment that works for them? The key, Jenison said, was listening to residents and crafting a responsible law.

“We’re not comfortable being lumped in with California and Colorado,” Jenison said.

In New Mexico, as Jenison tells it, Baudler would have had to apply for eligibility. A clinician would have had to verify that he had one of 17 medical conditions that qualify for access to medical cannabis. Cancer, HIV, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and hospice care are on the list. Hemorrhoids are not. There are about 10,000 people in New Mexico who have qualified.” –In New Mexico, Medical Marijuana Isn’t a Punch Line

Sioux City Journal:

Former Marine Logan Edwards (second from right) spoke about PTSD and cannabis at the hearing in Iowa City Tuesday.

Former Marine Logan Edwards (second from right) spoke about PTSD and cannabis at the hearing in Iowa City Tuesday.

“It was, he said, about “safe, legal and controlled access” to marijuana for medicinal use for people like Marine Corps veteran Logan Edwards.

“It’s a shame that I have to go outlaw to use a drug that works for me,” said the Iraq War veteran from Davenport, who turned to treating PTSD and related symptom with marijuana after numerous prescription drugs either failed to help or made his conditions worse. “I don’t like being an outlaw in a country that I fought for.”

Among the audience were at least one half dozen state legislators who are likely to see proposals to make medicinal cannabis available under tightly controlled circumstances.” — –Push for ‘Safe, Legal’ Medicinal Cannabis Likely in ’14 Iowa Legislature

Quad City Times:

Maria la France with son Quincy, age 12.

Maria la France with son Quincy, age 12.

“Maria La France of Des Moines shared the challenges she and her husband face in treating their son who has suffered from epileptic seizures and other medical problems since he was 5 months old.

“You could probably kill an elephant with all the drugs he has tried,” the former Cedar Rapids resident said. “Medical marijuana shows promise. It sounds like a dream compared to prescription medications.”

Like Edwards, La France said she has the option of moving to one of 20 states that allow the use of medical cannabis, but she doesn’t want to leave.

“Why can’t I get this medication for my son in my state?” La France said.” —Push for Medical Marijuana Likely in 2014 Iowa Legislature


KCRG: Iowa City Meeting Discusses Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Daily Iowan: Editorial: Legalize Medical Marijuana

Press-Citizen.com: Our View: Time to Look to N.M. for Medical Marijuana Plan

Muscatine Journal: Medical Marijuana May Get Capitol Time

Follow WeedPress on Facebook for information on the upcoming Iowa Caucuses. I spoke with Senator Bolkcom yesterday on the phone, and he likes the stories he’s been seeing here on WeedPress! If you’d like to share your testimony as to how cannabis could help you or a loved one, please email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com. You can remain anonymous if you’d like, and I’ll publish it here on WeedPress. You can also write to me on the WeedPress Facebook page.



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