[UPDATE] After Three Weeks of Cannabis Oil, Nine Year Old Epileptic Iowan Seizure-Free For 10 Days!

Here’s an update on this nine year old’s struggle with epilepsy. After three weeks on Charlotte’s web, writes the mother, her son is showing huge progress! Here’s her letter:

Update 11/15/13:

“My son has been taking Charlotte’s Web in an oil form for three weeks. What we have already seen in the past few weeks has been nothing but amazing. A boy who would previously wobble and stumble as he walked was now running up hiking trails and jumping into his dad’s arms. He began to look us in the eyes when talking. We were used to it taking a minute or two for him to get out what he wanted to say because of all the absence seizures. Now, this sweet little boy who had spoken in broken sentences was having actual conversations and looking us in the eyes. He has even been cracking jokes! Laughter and smiles now frequently light up his face. After nearly three weeks of treatment, he has had 10 completely seizure free days. There have been a few ups and downs as we work with the dose, but overall, we watch in amazement as he seems to wake up to a whole new world. He hadn’t been able to notice Colorado’s immense beauty until now. Now when we are out for a drive, he pipes up and points out the mountains, big rocks, and read signs. “Watch for falling rocks, Mom.” His brain had been taken over by mixture of lightening and fog. We feel that with the help of Charlotte’s Web, the fog is finally clearing and the storm is settling down.”

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Father of 11 Year Old Autistic Boy With Brain Tumor to Iowa Legislature: “As a Parent, I Would Have Much Rather Had The Option of Trying Cannabis First”

“Unfortunately, he has not been able to cope well with being away from a large part of his support system including extended family and school friends. He is also autistic and this huge change in routine has been quite difficult for him. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We should not have to choose between a potentially life-saving medication and the support and stability of our home and family.

Please see past any reservations you have for the legalization of medical marijuana.

Instead, see my child. See him smile, laugh, and run. See him seizure free.

Please do not make us leave Iowa behind to make this a reality.”

Email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com if you’d be willing to share your story with legislators. Follow WeedPress on Facebook too. I’ll post more patient testimonies as I get them. Thanks for reading.



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