[UPDATE] 48 Hours After Maggie’s First Dose of Cannabis Oil #Miracle4Maggie

17 month old Maggie Selmeski has gotten her first dose of cannabis oil in Colorado.

Maggie's parents, finding no luck with conventional medicine, are hoping cannabis oil extract medicine could be the answer to their little girl's seizures.

Maggie’s parents, finding no luck with conventional medicine, are hoping cannabis oil extract medicine could be the answer to their little girl’s seizures.

From TheSelmeskis.blogspot.com:

“As I type, she has been on the oil for almost 48 hours. We gave her that first dose and watched with anticipation. All that we have worked for over the past few months all of the sudden became a reality. The day we have been waiting for.

It is so hard to be objective in observing her because there is so much anticipation built in. We definitely notice a difference, but it’s hard to detail. She has been much more vocal and expressive with her coos. Last night we went to and Q&A tough questions event at our church (which was great!! Denver Seminary professors that Shawn will study under).

We both agree that she is tremendously more alert. Her awake is much more awake, and when she sleeps, she seems to sleep more soundly. For our heavily sedated little girl to stay awake most of the day, was crazy…crazy enough that I am a little concerned we might have an insomniac on our hands.

As for appetite….she has the munchies! :0 She demanded a snack at 4am, and nursing didn’t quite do the trick! She’s been taking in quite a bit more at her meals too! This is great for the Little Miss that can’t get over the 17 lb. mark.

Seizures….we haven’t noticed much difference. The number of spasms are so hard to track and count. We will being spending a day with the lap counter every couple of weeks to try to get an accurate count and monitor the number of spasms. When she wakes up from sleep, it doesn’t seem nearly as painful though, and I do think the clusters are somewhat lessened. So hard to tell though.

Overall, we are seeing some good responses so far. We’re not really sure what we are getting ourselves into though, when she becomes a typical toddler. We are going to have to step it up in setting boundaries and getting a good routine in place!!” —Read full post here

If you can join us in Ames tomorrow, the former director of New Mexico’s medical cannabis program will be speaking at the Memorial Union at 4:00. You can RSVP to the event here on Facebook. Before the event, tune into Carl’s Cannabis Corner on the Time 4 Hemp network (now on iHeart Radio). I’ll be cohosting the show with at 1:00 central, and we’ll be interviewing cancer patient Benton Mackenzie, the first Iowan to petition the Board of Pharmacy to make rules relating to medical cannabis use.

Tomorrow’s going to be a great day for us here in Iowa. I’ll report on the ISU event and our interview with Benton Mackenzie, so follow WeedPress on Facebook for more updates.



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