Sunday, November 10th, on Carl’s Cannabis Corner: Iowa Cancer Patient Benton Mackenzie

Benton Mackenzie and wife, Loretta Mackenzie.

Benton Mackenzie and wife, Loretta Mackenzie.

Benton Mackenzie, facing prosecution in Scott County, Iowa for growing cannabis plants to treat his cancer, will be the guest on Carl’s Cannabis Corner this Sunday.

As I understand it, yesterday Mr. Mackenzie petitioned the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to make a medical marijuana exemption for his situation pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 124. The petition was denied by the Board.

Join Carl Olsen, Tom Rothwell, and myself with Benton Mackenzie this Sunday on the Time 4 Hemp network at 1 p.m. central time. We’ll play the 20 minute discussion between Mr. Mackenzie and the Board from yesterday, and discuss it with him for the remainder of the show. The Quad City Times Editorial Board has written a letter calling for the charges against Mr. Mackenzie to be dropped. Hopefully the prosecutors in Scott County will listen to the public and leave him alone.

It should be a good discussion. Afterwards, join us in Ames at Iowa State University at 4:00 in the Memorial Union for a presentation by Dr. Steve Jenison, former director of the New Mexico Medical Cannabis program, hosted by ISU NORML. Facebook event page is over here.

Follow WeedPress on Facebook. If you’d like your story heard by legislators this next session, email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com, or write to me on the Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana Facebook page. Don’t put anything incriminating in your letter, and you can remain anonymous if you’d like. I’ll publish your story here on WeedPress and make sure politicians see it next year.



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