Former MN Governor Jesse Ventura: “Marijuana Cures Cancer, And Here’s The Proof”

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Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura has a very popular facebook page (click link to see page). The other day, the page posted the following:

Conspiracy Theory Cannabis Cancer Cure

Over 1,700 people have shared the link to Waking Times article featuring studies from PubMed, the National Cancer Institute, and various medical journals.

Word is getting out about cannabis potential to cure cancer — despite government officials refusing to find a cure. One of the first positive studies was carried out at the Medical College of Virginia in 1974. The study, while intended to prove that cannabis use damages the immune system, actually found that tetrahydrocannabinol slowed Lewis lung adenocarcinoma and leukemia growth in a dose-dependent relationship. Click here for the 1974 study showing cannabis has potential to cure cancer.

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