Chronic Pain Patient’s Anonymous Testimony: “I Need Cannabis to Live my Life Without Pain…These People in Office in Iowa are Cruel!”

A patient of over 20 years sent in this anonymous testimony:

Please keep my name confidential as I have children and would risk prosecution and losing them.

I began using cannabis after two unfortunate car accidents within months of each other. I was prescribed pain pills and used a chiropractor for my back injury in the first accident. I had never taken a pain pill before then…and I was desperate for relief. The pills made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t function well enough to take care of my son and my household duties, and work was out of the question now. Up until then I worked a good job with great pay.

After 4 years of taking pills my stomach couldn’t take it anymore it was painful. My husband said why don’t you try smoking weed. I really didn’t think it would help. But after talking with his father, who belonged to NORML and used cannabis for his own disabled body, I tried it. I can’t tell you the turnaround in my life. I seriously thought it was a miracle. After 4 yrs of suffering, not being able to walk around the block or sit or stand for more than a few minutes at a time…I was getting real pain relief. After two weeks I could do some of the things I did before — not all, but most. I became a human again. That was 20 years ago.

I need cannabis to live my life without pain. I risk all I have to get access to it and I shouldn’t have to. THIS IS AMERICA and the heartless people we have in our state that deny We The People safe access to medical marijuana so we can live life instead of simply existing need to recognize that this is Real Medicine. These people in office in Iowa are cruel and Do Not Speak For Me! GOD WILLING THE PEOPLE OF IOWA WILL SOON BE ABLE TO SPEAK OUT AND NOT BE AFRAID OF PROSECUTION! Thank you for listening to my story.

Would you like legislators to hear your story? Email jkarimi2007@hotmail.com.

Would you like legislators to hear your story? Email jkarimi2007@hotmail.com.

Follow WeedPress on Facebook for more patient testimonials. If you’re a patient, or know someone who is, and would like legislators to hear your story, email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com. It’s time the legislators heard our stories, and quit using the excuse that “nobody seems to care.” If you’re worried about being prosecuted for speaking out, get ahold of me! Your story can still be heard.

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