Time4Hemp Has A New Website — And Is Now On iHeart Radio! Check Out Carl’s Cannabis Corner This Sunday at 1 PM Central

Time4HempTime 4 Hemp has a new website. Check it out! And tune into Carl’s Cannabis Corner this Sunday at 1 pm central for the latest update on our work here in Iowa to get cannabis removed from Schedule I.

Just got this message from Casper Leitch, the founder of the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network:

Please visit our NEW WEBSITE at Time4Hemp.com

A few days before I was to speak at the 2013 SEATTLE HEMPFEST, ‘Time 4 Hemp – LIVE!’ was picked up by iHeartRadio and give STATION STATUS. It didn’t register in my head just WHAT that meant. In fact, it wasn’t until after working with Paul Stanford and his team to put on the 2013 PORTLAND HEMPSTALK did I begin to wrap my mind around what had just fallen into my lap: The chance to get the message of “the need to end prohibition on marijuana and the importance of restoring industrial hemp’ broadcasted into the MAIN STREAM media market. TIME 4 HEMP was given the ability to broadcast LIVE 24-hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 a year. AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE STARTING TO DO NOW WITH AN AMAZING TEAM OF GLOBAL ACTIVISTS.

Please check out the new site and visit the calendar page often for our programming details. We launched the site a little early – there is still some tweaking that needs done. Instead of waiting until it was JUST PERFECT – we decided to hit the ground running, much the same way we have with our the hosting schedules. Time slots are filling up quickly and we expect to be broadcasting new material around the clock in just a few short weeks.

Thank you for your interest in the hard work that is being done at Time 4 Hemp!

Keep Strong!

Casper Leitch

Founder of The Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network


I’ll be on Carl’s Cannabis Corner this Sunday as a guest host. Follow WeedPress on Facebook for links to the show!



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