16 Month Old From Iowa Needs Low-THC Cannabis Oil For Epileptic Seizures, Says Parents Who Plan Move to Colorado

Shawn and Rachael pose for a picture with Maggie while touring the Denver Seminary, where Shawn will be pursuing a Master of Arts of Leadership, with a concentration in Worship. Photo from www.theselmeskis.blogspot.com

Shawn and Rachael touring the Denver Seminary, where Shawn will be pursuing a Master of Arts of Leadership, with a concentration in Worship. Photo from http://www.theselmeskis.blogspot.com

Four years ago, the former chair of the Iowa Epilepsy Foundation testified at the Iowa Board of Pharmacy hearings on medical marijuana as to cannabis’ potential to treat epilepsy. Today, the Selmiski’s want to try low-THC cannabis to treat their 16-month-old’s seizures.

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Meet Maggie, the daughter of Shawn and Rachael Selminski. Maggie’s parents have created a website and blog in the hopes that Maggie’s story will help others like her:

“[T]he paralyzing combination of the ineffective, yet detrimental, anti-seizure meds and the uncontrolled spasms create a fight within her own body. At 16 months old, with severe developmental delays across the board, the Selmeskis are relocating to Colorado to begin Maggie on a new treatment. The Realm of Caring offers a specific strain of cannabis oil with high CBD, low THC, that has proven to be extremely effective in reducing seizures in children with intractable epilepsy, similar to Maggie. The progress other children have seen using medical marijuana provides hope that someday precious Maggie will be able to fully express her personality, or as they like to say, have the opportunity to emerge from her shell of a body. Shawn and Rachael can’t wait for the opportunity to meet their daughter, as they already know she has some spunk to her! The manual therapy, neuro-developmental program and cannabis oil could be the trifecta they are looking for.

Though the family is extremely hopeful that the cannabis oil, along with these intensive therapies they are providing, will allow her to have the opportunity to have a more carefree childhood, ultimately, their hope is in God, and they know He is the one guiding each step along the path. He has provided for them thus far, and there is no doubt He will continue to hold them in the palm of His hands.”

Follow Maggie's journey on Facebook at the Selmeski's  "Miracle 4 Maggie" page. Click photo for link to page.

Follow Maggie’s journey on Facebook at the Selmeski’s “Miracle 4 Maggie” page. Click photo for link to page.

The Realm of Caring was recently featured in CNN’s documentary Weed. Low-THC, high CBD cannabis oil has the potential to cure major ailments such as Maggie’s without getting “high.” Check out Zaki’s Journey, a success story of using the Realm of Caring’s strain “Charlotte’s Web” to stop Zaki’s seizures — which had been up to 250 separate seizures a night before using cannabis oil.

The Selmeskis have a blog about Maggie’s journey here. You can also follow Maggie’s story at the Miracle 4 Maggie Facebook page. I became aware of this story through the Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana Facebook Page. If you or anyone you know would like to go public with why medical cannabis is needed for epileptic seizures (or other ailments), email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com. Don’t put anything incriminating in the message, and your story may end up here on WeedPress.

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One thought on “16 Month Old From Iowa Needs Low-THC Cannabis Oil For Epileptic Seizures, Says Parents Who Plan Move to Colorado

  1. How my daughter Epilepsy was cured with cannabis oil

    My daughter Maris have suffered from epilepsy from the past 7 years but no cure until i heard about cannabis oil and its fast curing effectiveness,I was directed by someone who have used the cannabis oil to cure her epileptic son to get the cannabis oil from the cancer centre London and she gave me an email to contact the centre ( londoncancercentre@gmail.com ) and i did immediately and i bought the cannabis oil and instruction on how to use it was given to me, I started the medication for my daughter and after she had taken the oil as prescribed, the seizures stopped and was cured and healthy again. I so happy now for the new development in my family.

    Posted by Catherine | September 6, 2014, 9:36 am

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