Medical Marijuana Hearing Scheduled for March 4th at 11 am at the Capitol: Let’s Pack This Hearing!

WHEN: Monday March 4th, 11 am

Where: Room 22, Des Moines Capitol

What: Iowans Invited To Give Testimony Concerning Senate File 79, a Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Iowans have an opportunity coming up one week from Monday to testify as to how medical marijuana affects them, their families, and their communities. Please share this article through Facebook, email, and other social media in order to help get as many people as possible to the Capitol one week from Monday.

Earlier in the year, Representative Clel Baudler held a hearing at the Des Moines Capitol. Only 24 hours notice of this hearing was given…and Baudler, a former Iowa State Trooper, had some harsh words concerning the Iowa Board of Pharmacy’s unanimous recommendation to legalize medical marijuana back in 2009:

“The pharmaceutical board recommended the passage of medical marijuana after four hearings around the state. I went to the first hearing at the historical building and I had people report back to me from the two other hearings. I still do not understand the Board of Pharmacies decision to support medical marijuana, and I sure as hell don’t agree with it.” –Former Iowa State Trooper Clel Baudler, January 31st, 2013

You can listen to audio of the hearing, and Baudler’s full comments, at Carl Olsen’s blog.

While Baudler may not agree with the qualified, expert, unanimous ruling the Board of Pharmacy gave four years ago, his lack of qualifications (i.e. college education) make his opinion irrelevant. Law enforcement officials are not qualified to understand science — so it’s no surprise that Baudler said “I still do not understand the Board of Pharmacies decision.”

While Baudler may not understand the significance of the Board’s ruling, sick patients who need medical marijuana do. Watch this woman from Fairfield, Iowa. She, and hundreds if not thousands of other patients around the state, need us to show up on March 4th and represent them:

Please share this information with your friends via email, twitter, and anything else you can think of. Follow WeedPress on Facebook for updates on the hearing and other important news around the Midwest. And did I mention to share this article? Over 100 people testified at the four hearings around the state (Baudler did not testify, for the record.) We got the Board of Pharmacy on our side as a result. Now, let’s go get the politicos.

Monday, March 4th, 11 am. Capitol Building, Room 22. I’ll see you there!



One thought on “Medical Marijuana Hearing Scheduled for March 4th at 11 am at the Capitol: Let’s Pack This Hearing!

  1. y dont they just look at the facts n what marijuwana heals n helps n prevents…over 250 different conditions

    Posted by Alex Lindauer (@Lindauer7) | March 1, 2013, 3:24 am

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