Hawaii: Rastafarian Calls Sentencing “An Answer to Our Prayers” Last Friday

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Hawaii’s Reverend Harris remains free to appeal her case for the religious use of marijuana after sentencing last Friday.

Reverend Harris, convicted last month of “commercial promotion of marijuana,” appeared before Circuit Court Judge Glenn Hara last Friday at 8 am. Judge Hara sentenced the former University of Arkansas math professor to 30 days in jail, ten years probation, and a $10,000 fine. He also stayed the entire sentence pending appeal.

In an email to supporters, Reverend Harris called the sentencing “[A]n answer to our prayers. A small victory, but very significant.”

Reverend Nancy Harris.

Reverend Harris elaborated on this comment on Facebook:

The reason why it seems such a victory to me is this: The ENTIRE sentence was stayed pending appeal. I am NOT on probation and I DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO JAIL AT THIS TIME!!!!!! Or ever, until/unless we lose the appeal. And we don’t plan to lose the appeal!

After sentencing, Reverend Harris was allowed to make a brief statement to the court. Watch video of the statement here in the Hawaii News Daily.




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