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NORML’s Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Dismissed: Breaking Down the Court’s Ruling

NORML’s lawsuit against the Obama administration, filed earlier this month, was dismissed yesterday. Plaintiffs in the case sought a temporary restraining order barring the Justice Department from taking further action against state-authorized patients and their providers. In the end, federal Schedule I classification barred this lawsuit from gaining any ground. As explained by the court … Continue reading

Court Explains The Problem With NORML’s Argument, Dismisses Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Against Obama Administration

NORML’s lawsuit against the Obama administration, filed earlier this month, has been dismissed. I’ve been following this case but not blogging about it. I’m only even blogging about the final ruling (this case was dead before it started) to point one thing out: the courts have yet again explained to cannabis activists how to solve … Continue reading

Is Michele Bachmann Being Truthful About Medical Marijuana?

From The Roots Don’t Trust Michele Bachmann; Do You? by Morgan Fox November 22, 2011 Early this morning on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann walked onto the stage to be interviewed. As she entered, Fallon’s house band and hip-hop icons The Roots played the beginning of a song by the … Continue reading

Daily Iowan: “Expensive efforts to seize drugs on I-80 harm Iowa City”

From The Daily Iowan: Expensive efforts to seize drugs on I-80 harm Iowa City BY DI EDITORIAL BOARD | NOVEMBER 15, 2011 7:20 AM Through December, the Iowa City police are projected to spend nearly $4,500 per every pound of marijuana seized on Interstate 80. This figure does not account for detainment costs or opportunity … Continue reading

Switzerland to Allow Four Plants Per Person Legally Starting January 1st

From Ian Sparks at The Daily Mail: Swiss cannabis smokers will be allowed to grow four marijuana plants each (to stop them buying drugs illegally) By IAN SPARKS Last updated at 2:07 AM on 17th November 2011 Cannabis smokers in Switzerland will soon be allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants each at home … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann Confused by Medical Marijuana Question at Drake University

As the Des Moines Register reported, I caught up with Michelle Bachmann yesterday to ask her about medical marijuana and states rights…and found myself listening to a Presidential candidate explain to me that she doesn’t know what role the federal government plays. Here’s the Register’s take on the conversation: “Jason Karimi, director of Iowa Patients … Continue reading

Herman Cain: “If States Want to Legalize Medical Marijuana, I think That’s a States Rights Issue”

Yesterday at the Iowa Machine Shed, I caught up with Herman Cain to chat about medical marijuana shortly after he finished shooting a campaign commercial. Herman Cain told me he thinks medical marijuana should be left up to the states. MSNBC reported on the story here. Here’s Cain’s full quote, along with video I shot: … Continue reading

D.C. Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Dismissed for Lack of Standing in Sibley v Obama et a

Previously on WeedPress, I wrote an article about Montgomery Sibley, a Washington D.C. glaucoma patient and medical marijuana dispensary applicant who filed suit against the Obama Administration recently. Sibley, arguing that Congressional approval of D.C’s medical marijuana program has repealed the federal prohibition of marijuana by implication, had his argument dismissed on October 21st for … Continue reading

Hawaii: Rastafarian Calls Sentencing “An Answer to Our Prayers” Last Friday

Also see: Hawaii: Rastafarian To Begin Jury Trial Monday After Four Year Delay ‘Cannabis Minister Guilty,’ Hawaii Tribune-Herald Hawaii’s Reverend Harris remains free to appeal her case for the religious use of marijuana after sentencing last Friday. Reverend Harris, convicted last month of “commercial promotion of marijuana,” appeared before Circuit Court Judge Glenn Hara last … Continue reading

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