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Huffington Post: Blackberry Video of Herman Cain “Dodging” Medical Marijuana Question at 2011 Ames Straw Poll

I went to the Ames Straw Poll a couple months ago to vote for Rick Parry (#colbertnation shoutout). While I was there, Marni Steadham of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and I ran into Herman Cain, and attempted to ask him for a position on medical marijuana. We recorded the encounter with my Blackberry video … Continue reading

Iowa District Court Declines to Consider Whether Marijuana Is Medicine; Olsen Plans to Appeal to Iowa Supreme Court

“The more corrupt the republic, the more numerous the laws.” ~Tacitus, Annals Medical marijuana patients remain in limbo after an Iowa District Judge declined to acknowledge the language in Iowa Code Chapter 124 last week. Judge Brad McCall, appointed to the bench last June by Governor Branstad, dismissed a lawsuit against the State of Iowa … Continue reading

Minnesota: Judge Grants Rastafarian Exemption From Probation Drug Testing

For the past 18 months, Minnesotan Jamison Arend has been openly smoking cannabis daily — with a judge’s approval. Jamison, a licensed Rastafarian Minister, was sentenced to five years probation in March of 2010 after an altercation at his home. During sentencing, Judge Judith Tilsen handed down a groundbreaking exemption to the State’s probation drug … Continue reading

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