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Gary Johnson 2012: War on Drugs Web Ad

Please share the following video with as many people as possible. My favorite part of this ad is when Gary says, “Let’s stop being insane about this issue.” Visit to learn more. Advertisements

State of Hawaii vs. Nancy Harris: Video from Trial on August 23rd

I wrote about Reverend Nancy Harris decision to forego a plea deal and go to jury trial last week: Hawaii: Rastafarian To Begin Jury Trial Monday After Four Year Delay. Thanks to the internet, there’s video available from last Monday. Both of these videos can be downloaded here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). The … Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend: Oaksterdam University Seminar in Ann Arbor, Michigan

I received an email this weekend about a medical marijuana seminar and wanted to pass it along to fellow activists here in Iowa. An opportunity to network and learn about the medical marijuana movement with Oaksterdam University in Ann Arbog, Michigan will be taking place over the Labor Day Weekend. Tammy Schnock asked me to … Continue reading

Iowa Supreme Court: Marijuana Smell Still May Be Probable Cause for Subsequent Search

Yesterday’s decision in the Iowa Supreme Court case Watts v. Iowa was discussed on the G R L Law Blog: Smell of Marijuana and Probable Cause It is not uncommon for police officers to claim that they “immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana” coming from the vehicle, apartment or house. They then use that … Continue reading

Hawaii: Rastafarian To Begin Jury Trial Monday After Four Year Delay

Reverend Nancy Harris is finally getting her day in court. Reverend Harris, facing a charge of “commercial promotion of marijuana” from a raid back in February of 2007, will be in court Monday morning to begin her jury trial. Rather than accepting a plea deal offered by prosecution that amounted to a slap on the … Continue reading

The Response Obama Wouldn’t Give: Medical Marijuana Question in Minnesota Monday

Obama seemed unable to fully answer a constituents question yesterday. As a patriotic American, I want to offer our fumbling President a helping hand, so as to prevent any future embarrassment on his part. Yesterday in Minnesota, President Obama was asked “If you can’t legalize marijuana, why can’t you just legalize medical marijuana?” Here’s his … Continue reading

Full Text of Ron Paul’s Bill to End Federal Prohibition of Marijuana: HR 2306

Psst: If anyone out there is going to the Ames Straw Poll today, vote Ron Paul. Thanks. Ron Paul and Barney Frank introduced legislation earlier this year that would repeal federal penalties for production, distribution, and possession of marijuana, leaving states free to address the issue as they wish. The federal government’s role would be … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Ames Straw Poll: Where 2012 Republican Candidates Stand on Marijuana

I can’t seem to find a decent source that accurately summarizes all of tomorrow’s Ames Straw Poll participants stances on marijuana, medical marijuana, or the war on drugs, so I’ll just go ahead and make one here. Candidate websites will be referenced at the end of this post. According to the official website for tomorrow’s … Continue reading

Legalization vs. Patients: Responding to Ryan Thompson’s 26-Minute Video

Apparently activist Ryan Thompson opposes medical marijuana. Ryan read his response to some of my questions in a Youtube Video the other day, which I’ve linked below. I watched the video today. Here’s some responses. Beginning of the video: Ryan: “Debating with Jason Karimi…who is trying to get cannabis rescheduled. I for years have said … Continue reading

Lawsuit Against State of Iowa Challenges Constitionality of Controlled Substances Act

This June, Carl Olsen filed a lawsuit against the State of Iowa for failure to remove cannabis from Schedule I. Read the lawsuit here. After asking for an extra 30 days to reply to the lawsuit’s constitutional allegations against the State of Iowa, the Iowa Attorney General’s Office filed a motion to dismiss the case. … Continue reading

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