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BREAKING NEWS: Iowans for Medical Marijuana Retires, Announces Work Complete

Iowans for Medical Marijuana has officially announced the end of their organization.

Earlier today, Carl Olsen of Iowans for Medical Marijuana released this announcement:

Federal IND Patient and former Iowans for Medical Marijuana Director George McMahon smokes one of his 10 daily prescribed marijuana cigarettes.


This is our official announcement.

Iowans for Medical Marijuana is done.

After 20 years, Iowans for Medical Marijuana is announcing we have finished our work here.

In 2006, we formally incorporated for the purpose of getting the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to take marijuana out of schedule I which they recommended unanimously last year.

Since we have achieved our goal, we’re retiring.

Thanks for putting up with us.


Carl Olsen
George McMahon
Barbara Douglass

This announcement does not effect my vision of how to win medical marijuana here in Iowa. To read my latest article in my series of “How to Win Medical Marijuana in Iowa,” click this link:

Iowans for Medical Marijuana’s important work with the Board of Pharmacy here in Iowa received attention worldwide. Thanks to their work, medical marijuana access is one step closer to becoming a reality here in Iowa.

My next article in my “How To” series will feature the central component of re-legalizing medical marijuana here in Iowa: removal of marijuana from Schedule I. Follow WeedPress on Facebook to see the latest articles, and stay informed on what Iowa marijuana activists are working on!

EDIT: After posting this, informed me that this is the 200th WeedPress post! Huzzah!



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