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How To Win Medical Marijuana in Iowa Part 2: Assessing the Political Reality

This is part 2 of my opinion-series of steps I think are needed to make medical marijuana a reality in Iowa. Disclaimer: this is just my opinion, and I’m not that smart. Part 1: Distractivism Issues.

Let’s discuss the state we all live in: pre-2012 Iowa. This isn’t exactly a “compassionate” state politically when it comes to medical marijuana right now, and politicians would prefer to argue over Obama’s birth certificate before they’d touch medical marijuana. Post-2012 will be different, but until then, don’t expect much help from the politicians.

Marijuana is medicine. Medicine is a constitutional right. For shame, Paw Paw, for shame...

Republicans want to beat Obama, badly. Republicans in this state have a lot of clout in the 2012 election cycle. One thing Republicans in this state have not historically supported is medical marijuana. Heck, one of the 2012 candidates even vetoed a bill that passed with overwhelming support in Minnesota.

Democrats don’t seem to want to put much “political capital” into medical marijuana, despite supporting it in their party platform. Iowa Senate President Jack Kibbie even switched his stance recently from “yay” to “nay” to avoid the political hot potato…remember this next time you vote.

The public supports medical marijuana in Iowa.

With a mounting deficit, foreign warfare keeping pace with the Bush years, growing unemployment…like it or not, but medical marijuana isn’t going to be a top priority. Luckily, the political reality is changing, and quickly.

People are starting to wake up and grow tired of this issue…and activists are working hard. So while medical marijuana doesn’t look to become reality anytime soon…looks can be deceiving.

Note the title of this series? It’s called “How To Win” because we will win. I am outlining the steps it will take for us to achieve medical marijuana access in Iowa. Anything can happen in 2012, certainly. When a former Republican Governor running for President starts saying “legalize” to Republicans all over the country, the political winds can start to swirl. Right now, my strategy to legalize medical marijuana does not require politicians.

For all I care, politicians can go shoot wolves with Sarah Palin. When they return from playing cowboy for the 2012 election, they can race to hop on the medical marijuana bandwagon. I suppose I won’t mind…they’re politicians, after all. In the meantime, I’ll take solace in knowing how to beat them.

I will try and get the next article on here within the next week. It will feature either rescheduling marijuana as a key strategy, or Lynnice Wedewer’s amazing progress working the political process. I don’t even know where to begin with Lynnice Wedewer. Remember her name, and visit her web site. She’s going to play a huge role in Iowa. Follow WeedPress on Facebook to stay up to date on the newest articles…and get ready. A lot of things are happening, quickly…are you paying attention?



2 thoughts on “How To Win Medical Marijuana in Iowa Part 2: Assessing the Political Reality

  1. Yes I am paying attention. Many cancer victims would still be alive today if MMJ was legal everywhere. Including my Mom. rip

    Posted by Mike | July 21, 2011, 4:19 pm
    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry to hear about your loss. The more people that stand and share their story, the more people that speak out, the quicker this madness will end.

      Things that have been in the works for years are coming together very, very quickly. I don’t want to jump the gun or give any false hope so take this with a grain of salt: it’s almost over. Unless the politicians pull off an enormous lie equivalent to the one they pulled off to get prohibition instilled in the first place, this fight is headed towards the inevitable and everyone can see it for what it is. I believe it’s simply going to be a matter of the people providing the political clout to back up the solid legal arguments that have been established by well-litigated case law these past two decades.

      The federal government cannot legally interfere with lawful state medical programs, whether it be assisted suicide or medical marijuana. Their excuses and dodges are due to the Schedule I status at the federal level that says “no accepted medical use.”
      Once that is changed, the entire situation will change as the federal government will not have any authority to interfere, intimidate, harass, or arrest any state-legal medical marijuana patients.

      This is a Constitutional slam dunk and We The People are overwhelmingly behind this movement. The government, I believe, is ready to give in and admit marijuana is medicine. While this will open up the medical marijuana market to pharmaceutical companies, which is inevitable anyways, it will allow the naturally home grown medical marijuana that is saving so many lives with minimal cost to be free of federal interference.

      I’m doing my best to share as much information as I can with people as soon as it happens, and this summer has had a lot of big moves take place in the courts. As soon as I know anything, it’ll be up here. Peace.


      Posted by jsnsoc8 | July 21, 2011, 6:57 pm

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