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DEA Denies Rescheduling Petition; Advocates Plan Appeal

Sick of federal interference with state medical laws? There's some due process out there to remedy your injury y' get to work!

NORML’s recent blog post further proves the DEA’s contempt for an honest dialogue about marijuana policy: no matter what the evidence says, MARIJUANA ISN’T MEDICINE!

Insert obligatory “DEA GO AWAY” rant here.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m going to go ahead and skip repeating what NORML said about the denial of this rescheduling petition. Here’s what I want to know:

Since Gonzales v. Oregon, 546 U.S. 243 (2006) states that medical issues are a matter of state’s rights, are the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis members trying to contact the SIXTEEN STATES THAT HAVE MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS PASSED?

What is it going to take to get the states to get up and stand up for patients? If Don Pierce can figure it out…

“We believe that the solution is for the state to reclassify or reschedule, AND to petition the federal government to recognize that rescheduling. And that’s the only ultimate solution. We don’t believe the dispensaries, in whatever form they’re called out, will survive the muster, will survive the test, of the federal law enforcement agencies, and we don’t believe we should put anyone in that position.”

…so when will the sixteen states? Marijuana is medicine: the states that have determined this in their statutes must tell the federal government and assert their sovereignty! Until they do, Michelle Leonhart can keep saying this:

“According to established case law, marijuana has no “currently accepted medical use…”

Hint, hint. According to established case law means “current case law.” Let’s fight the establishment’s established case law…deschedule marijuana now, states! Patients are depending on it!



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