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WA: Board of Pharmacy Doesn’t Want to Review Science

Despite the fact that Washington’s Don Pierce has recognized that rescheduling marijuana at the state level and petitioning the federal government is the “ultimate solution” to ending federal interference with state medical marijuana laws, the Washington Board of Pharmacy has decided to “not consider” rescheduling marijuana.

The National Boards of Pharmacy had a news alert of sorts earlier today. Spin it all you want, people…you didn’t “vote against” rescheduling marijuana, you “didn’t want to review the science.”

Semantics these days.

Anyways, here’s the spin…I mean, “news,” from the National Boards of Pharmacy website today:

Politics for Dummies: Boards of Pharmacies Survival Guide?

Washington Board Votes Against Rescheduling Medical Marijuana

The Washington State Board of Pharmacy voted unanimously to not consider rescheduling medical marijuana at a hearing held June 8, 2011. The Board hearing was held in response to petitions requesting that the Board reschedule medical marijuana out of Schedule I. Information about the state’s medical marijuana law is available in a frequently asked questions section on the Washington State Department of Health Web site.

I guess Iowa will continue having to take all the credit for doing things right. Sure, Oregon rescheduled marijuana…but that was politically driven, not scientifically driven. Minnesota’s Board of Pharmacy, rather than response to Kurt Hanna’s rescheduling petition, changed the law so they didn’t have to follow it.

Pharmacists these days. That, and the DEA has recently pulled their latest stunt…I’ll have an article on that as soon as I have time to read the DEA’s denial of the federal rescheduling coalition. In the meantime, read Iowa’s lawsuit. This legal argument could be coming to a state near you…



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