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How to Win Medical Marijuana in Iowa, Part 1: Distractivism Issues

I’ve decided to run a series of articles outlining the steps needed to get medical marijuana passed in Iowa.

When the country thinks of “Iowa,” they think of two things: corn, and caucuses. Well, unless they’re a football fan, and then there’s the Cyclones (kidding Hawk fans).

Seeing as the political reality of Iowa reflects it’s citizens values, we need to use that to our advantage. We already have the people on our side, and with a series of steps, medical marijuana will not only be a political reality…it’ll be a political bandwagon.

So, for the first article, it’s short and sweet: stay on message, and don’t get distracted!

I’d like to use a recent example of a “distractivist” media spectacle. For something that doesn’t effect many people beyond the community it’s occurring in, there’s been some especially-uninteresting bruh-hah-hah in the lamestream media recently: the Casey Anthony Saga.

Today on Facebook, I posted the following status:

Coming soon to a reality show near you: Casey Anthony: The Life and Styles of the World's Most, screw it.

People get worked up over Casey Anthony for one day while ignoring the Federal Reserve, debt ceiling, foreign wars, taxation, and politicians pissing on the Constitution with glee.

Time to wake up folks. Casey Anthony is a distraction. I watched a few hours of the trial while eating popcorn. Good show and all, but seriously…

A few hours later, while making good use of my class time, I read this article on the Humble Libertarian Blog: Who Cares About Casey Anthony? Gave me an untimely chortle when I saw it…sorry teacher.

Medical marijuana is our fight to lose. As long as we all work together, and don’t get distracted, medical marijuana will be a reality in Iowa. Since the Board of Pharmacy has ruled marijuana is medicine, we have a ton of momentum…not to mention the people’s backing (do I really need to cite a poll anymore?) Patients are counting on each and every one of us to do what we can to further this cause. This is not a game…people are suffering, needlessly. So, represent the cause well, and don’t get distracted!

Be respectful, be a good community member, open a door for someone…and SMILE when you encounter prohibitionists. Those poor fellas just haven’t been given facts yet, so be gentle.

While these articles are obviously just my opinion and all that jazz, I decided to throw my opinion out there to share with others who are feeling a little bit…angry…at the Legislature, and the Board of Pharmacy. I’ve heard from many people who, like me, feel that the Board of Pharmacy didn’t really care about all those people that stood up to testify. I’ve heard from many people who, like me, don’t believe the current politicians care about anything other than getting re-elected. I’m going to offer a viable solution to this issue, and will explain my reasonings as fully as possible. For the few of you that read this blog, discussion is HIGHLY encouraged, so feel free.

Part 2 will be about rescheduling/descheduling marijuana and why it is vital to the movement in Iowa. If you haven’t yet, follow WeedPress on Facebook. I’m one away from 100 “likes” :D.



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