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Iowa ACLU Response to Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Against State of Iowa

I wrote the ACLU last week to request that they intervene in the lawsuit that was recently filed against the state of Iowa. Weed All About the lawsuit here. Today, ACLU Legal Director Randall Wilson responded to the request: <   “I don’t think Carl’s current lawsuit against the Board of Pharmacy has any legs.  … Continue reading

Cannabis Rescheduling Coalition Petition Federal Brief Filed Today: Demands DEA Update Their Science!

Longtime marijuana activist Carl Olsen, recently granted standing to intervene in the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis Petition case against the DEA, has just filed his response in federal court. In his brief, Olsen slammed the DEA by introducing new evidence into the record, arguing that the DEA is unlawfully interfering with state sovereignty. Olsen stated … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Iowans for Medical Marijuana Retires, Announces Work Complete

Iowans for Medical Marijuana has officially announced the end of their organization. Earlier today, Carl Olsen of Iowans for Medical Marijuana released this announcement: Greetings, This is our official announcement. Iowans for Medical Marijuana is done. After 20 years, Iowans for Medical Marijuana is announcing we have finished our work here. In 2006, we formally … Continue reading

How To Win Medical Marijuana in Iowa Part 2: Assessing the Political Reality

This is part 2 of my opinion-series of steps I think are needed to make medical marijuana a reality in Iowa. Disclaimer: this is just my opinion, and I’m not that smart. Part 1: Distractivism Issues. Let’s discuss the state we all live in: pre-2012 Iowa. This isn’t exactly a “compassionate” state politically when it … Continue reading

Willie Nelson’s Kangaroo Court

Is Wille Nelson being made for a fool? Earlier this year, Willie Nelson was asked to sing a song in court in order to avoid going to jail for marijuana charges. Now, the judge wants to “uphold the law…” and is being opposed by the prosecution! From United Press International: SIERRA BLANCA, Texas, July 9 … Continue reading

Tonight: Carl’s Cannabis Corner

Carl’s Cannabis Corner Carl’s Cannabis Corner – Sunday, July 10, 2011: My guest this week is Jason Karimi, Author of Weed Press.  July 10, 2011 – Carl talks with Jason Karimi about the July 8, 2011 Drug Enforcement Administration final ruling on the Cannabis Rescheduling Petition:So, how do we know when the benefits have finally … Continue reading

DEA Denies Rescheduling Petition; Advocates Plan Appeal

NORML’s recent blog post further proves the DEA’s contempt for an honest dialogue about marijuana policy: no matter what the evidence says, MARIJUANA ISN’T MEDICINE! Insert obligatory “DEA GO AWAY” rant here. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m going to go ahead and skip repeating what NORML said about the denial … Continue reading

WA: Board of Pharmacy Doesn’t Want to Review Science

Despite the fact that Washington’s Don Pierce has recognized that rescheduling marijuana at the state level and petitioning the federal government is the “ultimate solution” to ending federal interference with state medical marijuana laws, the Washington Board of Pharmacy has decided to “not consider” rescheduling marijuana. The National Boards of Pharmacy had a news alert … Continue reading

How to Win Medical Marijuana in Iowa, Part 1: Distractivism Issues

I’ve decided to run a series of articles outlining the steps needed to get medical marijuana passed in Iowa. When the country thinks of “Iowa,” they think of two things: corn, and caucuses. Well, unless they’re a football fan, and then there’s the Cyclones (kidding Hawk fans). Seeing as the political reality of Iowa reflects … Continue reading

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