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Showtime: Weeds Season 7 Premiere TONIGHT!

Weeds is back (nuh nuh nuh), back again. (nuh nuh nuh) Nancy’s back, (nuh nuh nuh), with her friends…

K I’m done. Anyways…

What to expect, this newest and most gloriest season of them all? Well, a recent TV Guide interview with series creator Jenji Kohan has some clues:

You better be watching Weeds tonight!

After three years in prison, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) gets released in the Season 7 premiere of Weeds — and not everyone will be happy.

Her family, from whom she’ll initially hide her release, will return from Copenhagen hoping for answers and absolution. However, Nancy just wants to get “back to basics,” executive Jenji Kohan tells, adding that the series’ three-year jump was “a risk, but we needed to shake it up.”

“Maybe she learned more crime because prison can be a crime school, and maybe she explored some of the more sapphic parts of herself, but in terms of repentance or reform, that’s just not Nancy.”

Read the TV Guide interview here.

I want to see how Shane looks now that he’s three years older. Is he old enough to smoke yet? Because of all the Botwin’s, Shane needs a joint the most… Anyways, here’s the trailer for the new season! 😀



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