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Army Drug Counselor Caught Dealing Cocaine, Highlights Drug War Failures

This past Friday was the 40th Anniversary of the War on Drugs, and it looks like people are rethinking drug policy more than ever.

CBS News reported the recent report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, which stated what marijuana activists have known for a long time: the War on Drugs, specifically the marijuana user, is a failed social policy.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Norm Stamper delivered a report on drugs that detailed the Obama Administration’s failure to pull the plug on the War on Drugs.

And today, I found this on the interwebz and felt like sharing. If we can’t even stop drug dealers from using our government communication devices, then how are we going to successfully “arrest our way out of this problem?”

From Fox News:

Army Anti-Drug Leader Suspended After Drug Charge in Pennsylvania

Published June 21, 2011

| Associated Press

CARLISLE, Pa. – A Pennsylvania newspaper is reporting that the director of an Army installation’s substance-abuse program is on leave pending further action after his arrest on cocaine-distribution charges.

The Sentinel in Carlisle reported Tuesday that Daniel Hocker, of Carlisle, was among 20 people indicted on federal criminal charges earlier this month. He’s charged with drug distribution, use of a communications facility and conspiracy.

The newspaper says the 53-year-old Hocker led the substance-abuse program at the Carlisle Barracks for about two years before his security clearance was suspended. The program performs drug education, substance abuse testing, intervention and counseling.

Hocker’s lawyer, Christopher Ferro, declined to comment on his client’s employment situation.

So next time you see an article about a celebrity caught blowing coke, just think…you never know where it came from. Don’t worry about feeling bad for the rich celebrity folk who get arrested, like Michael Phelps…he was never much of a role model anyways, right? Feel bad for Obama…he’s losing popularity with this issue, the poor fella.



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