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Does the FDA hinder cancer research on purpose? Watch “Bruzynski: Cancer is Serious Business” to find out.

Does the FDA intentionally hinder progress toward a cure for cancer?

I just watched Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business online. Burzynski’s movie, chronicling his decades-long battle with Big Pharma, is free online until June 20th. Watch it here.

Before you watch this movie, be forewarned: it is not for the emotionally fragile.

The beginning of the movie almost lost me. It seemed like a biased, anecdotal infomercial for a doctor’s medicine he was trying to peddle. Then, after the movie showed the history of the MULTIPLE GRAND JURY INVESTIGATIONS THAT RESULTED IN ZERO INDICTMENTS against Dr. Burzynski, I realized what Dr. Burzynski is facing today in his fight to save lives. And when I realized this…I’ll admit it…I cried.

When jurors make public statements outside of court such as “We’re here today to protest the witch hunt that is going on by the FDA,” you know this isn’t your average “government screw-up” documentary. While the beginning of the movie made me skeptical, this exchange between Congressman Joe Barton and the FDA Commissioner was one of many informative bits of the movie that had me go, WTF:

WTF was this guy's problem with finding a cure for cancer? Click this picture to find out.

Representative Barton: “How many grand jury investigations have to occur that result in “no finding of fault” before you as commissioner of the FDA would encourage those within your organization to cease and desist?”

FDA Commissioner: “Mr Chairman, how do you know that there were no findings of fault that were returned from that grand jury?”

Barton: “There have been no indictments returned.”

Commissioner: “Mr. Chairman, I’ll ask counsel to comment, but I don’t think those are the same…as a matter of law, that those are the same things.”

Barton: “I’m baffled by the splitting of hairs here.”

This is the story of Dr. Burzynski’s attempt to find a cure for cancer, and the FDA’s opposition to his work.

The movie opened with a powerful statement from Sergeant Rick Schiff. His daughter died from massive doses of radiation and chemo. Her brain was turned to jelly from the standard treatment. The autopsy showed that she was cancer free. Out of the 52 cases with her rare disease, she died cancer free. In the opinion of Sergeant Schiff, she died “[B]ecause there’s a government institution, that disseminates false information, and is NOT looking out for the welfare of the people!”

Sergeant Schiff's daughter died from her radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Is there a non-toxic cure for cancer that would have saved her life?

Here’s a powerful quote from Sergeant Schiff:

“I have some expertise in fraud — In fact, I’m quite certain there’s enough attorneys in the room I can be voir dired as an expertise in fraud — and I conducted my own investigation. I have no doubt the man is not a fraud. I have no doubt, that he does what he does, out of earnest belief that his medicine works. Now you’re in a position to judge for yourselves whether it works or not, but it’s well established by the FDA that it’s non-toxic.”

Huh. Non toxic eh…where have I heard that before?

Sergeant Schiff was speaking at a Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on February 29, 1996. He was defending Dr. Burzynski from a 15 year campaign by the FDA that sought to discredit and skew Dr. Burzynski’s groundbreaking work.

I’m not going to tell the whole story of this movie. If you’d like to get informed on exactly what happened, please go to and read the material. Then, purchsae the movie here, and share it with your friends.

Here’s some excerpts and quotes from the movie. Again, be forewarned…this is not for the emotionally fragile. If you read the following, let alone watch this movie, expect to cry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Richard Jaffe, Dr. Burzynski’s attorney, had this to say the morning of Monday March 28 1995, on the CBS Morning Show:

Burzynski's attorney, on the CBS Morning Show shortly before his appearance at an Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing.

“Well I don’t think there’s really an issue as I mentioned regarding the safety of the drug. And the FDA isn’t contending at this point that the drug doesn’t work. The only issue is that according to the FDA that is has not been proven by controlled clinical trials. So at least in terms of safety the FDA is not saying that it’s not safe and the FDA isn’t even saying that it doesn’t work. Now they’re just contesting that, or apparently they’re contesting, whether Dr. Burzynski himself has been shipping the medicine out of state, which in some respects is quite ridiculous since he has approval to ship the medicine out of state to various cancer institutions around the country. He ships it out of the country to various countries, because it’s being used in other places. And he ships it to individuals, who have been granted permission by the FDA to receive the medicine under what’s called “The Compassionate Use IND’s.”

Later that day, Bruzynski’s attorney stepped in front of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee…and this is where the movie had me convinced.

1995: “In 1985, the FDA convened a grand jury to hear evidence to try and indict Dr. Bruzynski. In connection with that, they had a raid on his clinic, where they seized 200,000 pieces of paper including all medical records of his patients. Little difficult to practice medicine when you don’t have medical records.”

FYI, it took nearly 14 years to recover those records.

Dr. Bruzynski’s attorney continued:

“They presented the evidence to the grand jury. No indictment. 1986, they come back, seize another 100,000 documents. No indictment. 1990, another grand jury, even the second or the third, they present more documents, and Dr. Bruzynski testifies extensively before the grand jury, no indictment. 1991 to 1993: FDA investigates Dr. Bruzinski, we don’t know if evidence was presented to another grand jury. 1994, another grand jury, no indictment. 1995, another grand jury.”

Are you keeping count? Keep in mind that this blog could not begin to cover the plethora of information this movie exposes. Keep listening to Bruzynski’s attorney:

Richard Jaffe courageously squares off with the FDA in front of the Oversight and Investigation subcommittee.

“So we’ve had now, four, five, or six grand juries. Let me talk about the subpoena practices. Most recently, the FDA has now subpoenaed the medical records, of every patient who has gone on TV and told their story about Dr. Burzynski. We’ll let the committee judge what they think of that. We’ll talk about dissemination of false information by the FDA. 1985, the FDA tells anyone who calls inquiring about Dr Burzynski that he’s being “criminally investigated.” When the judge on the case found out about that he issued a cease and desist and a strong reprimand against that.
The FDA now has refined this tactic. Instead of waiting for people to call up the FDA, what they’ve done is subpoena all the records from Dr. Bruzynski about his business associates and all the researchers around the world, and there are many of them who are researching antineoplastons, his therapy. Now what they’re doing, is systematically contacting, everyone who does business with them or who may do business with him, and telling about the grand jury investigation and subpoenaed documents. I believe that they’re doing this in order to make it more difficult for him to do business.”

Yes. You read correctly. Jaffe continues:

What is it going to take to get the FDA to change this policy? And what is the reason for such a policy?

“I’d like the following questions to be asked of the FDA. How much money have they spent in the last 10 years to try and put Dr. Burzynski out of business? How many documents can they subpoena, and how many more grand juries does he have to go to? And why can’t patients, who have advanced cancer, seek the medical treatment of their choice?”

At this point in the movie, I wanted to see someone other than Bruzynski’s defense attorney arguing his case. Congressman Joe Barton appears to be defending Bruzynski here. On November 15, 1995, Congressman Barton, in an attempt to intervene in “the FDA’s relentless harassment” of sick patients with a hearing in front of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee once again, had this to say to the FDA Commissioner:

“In my opinion, you have every right to use the investigative authority, and the judicial resources of the federal government to the justice department, to convene a grand jury. That’s very appropriate…the first time. Perhaps, even a second time. It becomes questionable the third time. The fourth time, and the fifth time, it the fifth time, it is not, I think, an illogical conclusion to think that the FDA has a vendetta against Arthur Burzynski, or wants to retaliate for some reason. That’s my opinion. How many grand jury investigations have to occur that result in “no finding of fault” before you as commissioner of the FDA would encourage those within your organization to cease and desist?”

FDA Commissioner: “Mr Chairman, how do you know that there were no findings of fault that were returned from that grand jury?”

Congressman Joe Barton grills the FDA commissioner.

Barton: “There have been no indictments returned.”

Commissioner: “Mr. Chairman, I’ll ask counsel to comment, but I don’t think those are the same…as a matter of law, that those are the same things.”

Barton: “I’m baffled by the splitting of hairs here.”

While that was enough to have me convinced that the FDA intentionally misinformed the public via a propaganda campaign; lied about scientific findings; and terrorized Dr. Bruzynski, there is much more informative evidence presented in the movie. The rest of this blog post will simply be quotes from some patients that spoke after this hearing. I’d like to urge everyone who reads this article to purchase the movie. Dr. Burzynski, I am sure, could use all the support he can get. Taking on the Federal Government isn’t always easy.

Quotes from patients:

“The FDA has made a list, and decided who can live, and who can die. I guess I didn’t make that list.”

–Unnamed patient

“I’ve had no chemotherapy. I’ve had no radiation. I chose Dr. Burzynski instead, after a lot of research, and a lot of searching. I’ve been in remission since 1989. Dr. Kessler (commissioner), I’m not a statistic.”

Teresa Kennett, with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage IV. Teresa, appearing here in 1995, credited Bruzynski's alternative treatment for saving her life. At this point, she had been in remission for six years.

–Teresa Kennett, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stage IV

“We’re frustrated, there are rights, Constitutional rights that have been violated. This has got to end. My children are asking me, Daddy what does the future hold? My one daughter wrote a letter, to the President of this country, and said “Please don’t pull the plug on my daddy.” And that just broke my heart, and broke my wife’s heart.”

–Unnamed patient, whose wife spoke next:

“My husband, is a walking miracle. But 16 months ago, the doctors told us there’s nothing else they can do, and they told us to enjoy what little life he has left. Look at him!”

–Wife of a patient

“I have a report, from my family physician, which tells how well I am doing. My tumors are leaving my body, and my condition is improving every day. Now, the FDA is saying to me “NO? Your doctor is a criminal, he should be put in jail, and he needs to be shut down?” This is criminal!”

–Wife of a patient

“I want the FDA, to get out of our lives, and stay out of her doctor patient relationship.”

–Patient #5 after the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing

“What, the classical conventional medicine , had to to for me, was there, nothing. For me, the next thing was, to minister. I did not want to undergo, chemotherapy…or any type of radiation. I was extremely lucky, that I found Dr. Burzynski. And I don’t want the FDA to take this right from me. I came 18 years ago, from Communist Romania, and the tyrannist dictator, Charlescheskad, never stopped a doctor, from treating anybody. How can we have something like this in United States?”

"I want the FDA to get out of our lives and stay out of our doctor-patient relationship."

Support this film:

One week after these patients gripping testimony, November 20, 1995, Burzynski was indicted and charged with 75 counts of violating federal law. If convicted, would face maximum of 290 years in a federal prison, and $18,500,000 in fines. Watch the movie to learn what happened to Burzynski.

If I haven’t made my point about this movie already, maybe this final quote will. Mary Anne Canary, while holding her seven year old, testified before another congressional hearing headed by Joe Barton on February 29, 1996:

“This is Dustin Kunnari, and he is on Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplasty treatment. This is my husband Jack Kunnari. Now, in February of 1994, our lives were drastically changed. My son Dustin was only two and a half years old at the time. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball. The surgeon removed 75% of his tumor, and the remaining 25% was diagnosed from a biopsy as a malignant, very aggressive, medular blastoma brain tumor, one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer. The doctors told us Dustin had only a few months to live.
The first treatment they offered us was radiation. But the radiation doctor told us that at his young age, Dustin would become a vegetable. And it would only extend his life by only a few months. The next doctor wanted us to enroll Dustin in an experimental therapy, which was highly toxic. The side effects would include hearing loss, kidney and liver damage, bladder, stunted growth, and possible leukemia. One question I’d like to ask is, “Would you do that to your child?”
We weighed the harm these experimental drugs would cause, against the fact that they would not cure Dustin, and decided not to subject him to these drastic measures. But our oncologist told us that their opinion took precedence over us as parents.
This put added stress to the already stressful situation we were in. In April 1994, we visited Dr. Stanzas Burzynski in Houston. Dr. Burzynski made us no promises, but said he often had very good results with brain tumors. At worst, it would not hurt Dustin. And it offered the best hope, and a longer quality of life.
An MRI six weeks after we started Dr. Burzynski’s treatment revealed no tumor. We were very overjoyed.
Dustin continued antineoplastic therapy, and one year later, a tumor one inch by one inch was found on the MRI. That would be April of 1995. Dr. Burzynski immediately raised Dustin’s dose of antineoplasms. There were STILL no harsh side effects at all. The next MRI in September of 1995 revealed that the tumor had almost disappeared again. To this day it has not reappeared.
You look at Dustin right now, he’s a happy healthy four year old, who has outlived his prognosis. There is no traditional treatment that would have kept him alive with such good quality of life.
FDA Commissioner David Kessler loves to grab headlines as a man who loves children so much. He wants to protect them from the ravages of smoking. If Dr. Kessler loves children so much, then why have he and his agencies been trying so hard to cut off my son’s last hope for life without this treatment? My son is dying!”

Here’s Mary’s son today…

The mother credits Bruzynski for saving this child's life. See this movie free until June 20th, and share it with your friends.



One thought on “Does the FDA hinder cancer research on purpose? Watch “Bruzynski: Cancer is Serious Business” to find out.

  1. I watched that last night 7/Aug/2011 and frankly I was disgusted by what the FDA, NCI, and elan pharmaceuticals tried to do, and Dr. Bruzynski’s reseach assistant filing patants and getting them approved when one already existed for over 20 years. And moreover, NCI’s changing of the research protocol that grossly under dosed patients so there would be no effect and a deliberate poor outcome. These people died as a result and that was criminal.

    What people do for greed is this world behind the guise of being public health officials and physicians that supposedly care about preserving life just blew me away. Call me a sap or whatever, I did not know people that are charged with the oversite of peoples health and well being, could be so absolutely corrupt and just plain evil.,

    Vince T, Reno, NV

    Posted by Vince T | August 8, 2011, 12:03 pm

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