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Tomorrow: Gary Johnson and Ron Paul events!

Here’s a couple of exciting events this weekend for Iowa liberty activists!

Click fhere to RSVP for Strong America Now's Presidential Debt Summit!

I’ll be at the Polk County Convention Complex for the Debt Reduction Summit by Strong America Now tomorrow morning. RSVP here, and Sign Up To Attend:

Moderator: Hugh Hewitt (Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host)

Special presentation to Presidential candidates and concerned citizens: A plan to reduce spending by more than 25 percent using proven waste reduction methods in the federal government.

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson events this weekend in Johnston and Des Moines!

If you’re going to the Johnston Green Days Parade, Ron Paul supporters are going to be marching with or around the Polk County GOP. There will be Ron Paul Slim Jims to hand out and banners to carry for Ron Paul’s campaign.

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul have both been very vocal in their opposition to the failed War on Drugs. Come on out and support Liberty at these events this weekend!

Directions for the parade:

The parade begins at 10AM sharp, so please plan to be in your spot in plenty of time to do final preparations on your float (any time after 8:30AM).

Please enter the lineup at South Dr. off of NW 62nd Ave (Pioneer Pkwy will be closed at NW 62nd). As you enter South Dr. drive up to the Check-In Tent and you will be directed where to find your spot for the lineup.

Please go to the west/outer parking lots to do last minute preparations and staging then proceed to your designated numbered spot in the lineup (this is a two-way street and for safety reasons we want to keep people off the street as much as possible). We will line up on the southbound curb, pointed in the parade-route direction. Please keep your float as close to the side of the road as possible while in the lineup area so other floats can get around you as they go to their positions. We need to keep the north bound lane open at all times for emergency services.

Map of the parade. Come support Ron Paul and help educate others about the Liberty movement!


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