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Minnesota Board of Pharmacy: Patient enemy number one!

If ever there was a time to raise a stink, this is it.

Over the weekend, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy dealt what could be a huge blow to the medical marijuana movement. Rather than obey the law, and review marijuana’s schedule I status, they changed the law to avoid their duty!

Boy howdy. I sure wish I could do that. Next time I get a speeding ticket, I”ll just tell the nice officer to hold on while I try and pass a bill to change my legal obligations. If the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy can do it, why can’t I?

So here’s the story. I’ll start at the end, then go back to the begginning. We all love good sideshows, so grab the popcorn and prepare to read a short story. The plot: government sponsored terrorism. A hijacking, nonetheless.

This weekend, bills that never should have been drafted passed up in Minnesota’s house and Senate. HF57 and SF1166 were passed on Friday and Saturday. Here’s what these bills accomplished:

They removed this language in Minnesota’s Code:
“The state Board of Pharmacy, after consulting with the Advisory Council on Controlled Substances, shall annually, on or before May 1 of each year, conduct a review of the placement of controlled substances in the various schedules.”

And replaced it with:
“The Board of Pharmacy may not delete or reschedule a drug that is in Schedule I.”

So here’s the end result of a story that has been developing this year, and one I’ve been paying close attention to: After activist Kurt Hanna of Minnesota NORML filed a petition with the Board of Pharmacy, demanding that they follow the old law and do their duty to review marijuana’s Schedule I status, the Board instead changed the law, and hijacked their state’s sovereignty in the process.

The reasoning for this on the Board’s part is outrageous. When I first heard about these bills, I wrote an article on this here blog, and aptly called it A Hijacking of State Sovereignty: Is This Politics, or Science? In the article, I accused the Board of Pharmacy of giving up their state sovereignty.

Cody Wiberg, Executive Director of the Board, responded to my article on the Board of Pharmacy’s Facebook page. Read the response, and ensuing comments, here.

Kurt Hanna stated in an email to activists:

“Apparently banning drugs is important. It was tackled instead of our state budget, even though it was the 3rd to last day of the session. It’s funny that the state of Minnesota now only has one type of synthetic THC that can legally be prescribed, and it’s only available in pill form. Talk about a monopoly! Government regulatory bodies should not be run by individuals who currently work in the field that they are regulating. This breeds corruption. Let this email be a warning to all of you, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy is out of control. Let’s all unite together to become a watchdog over these shifty individuals. They love money more than the Minnesota people. We must put them on a leash, or else this is only going to get worse.”

A leash indeed. I wonder if there’s any plans to sue the Board of Pharmacy, or the state of Minnesota. You can be sure that I’ll be paying close, close attention to this developing situation.

It blows my mind that a state entity would be so eager to give up the right to review their state’s medical practices and hand it over to the federal government so easily just to avoid a political hot potato. It’s no secret the DEA doesn’t want to recognize marijuana’s medical use. There’s just too much money to be made. They’ve already ignored their 1988 Administrative Judge’s ruling that marijuana should be removed from Schedule I. Judge Young even stated that marijuana is “the safest therapeutically active substance known to mankind.” Yet, money trumps science.

It looks like the Board of Pharmacy is just another sellout. Money rules! Ignore science, ignore your state’s sovereignty, and ignore your statutory obligation to follow the law! When someone petitions you to follow the law, just change it! Brilliant “science,” ladies and gentleman. Al Capone would be proud of your trick. Gotta protect that profit model!

Oh and Mr. Wiberg…thanks for deleting your response to my WeedPress blog from your sold-out, cowardly organization’s Facebook Page. I’ll have a post on that little bit of censorship later this week. Whatever happened to open dialogue?

Pathetic, Mr. Wiberg. You should resign. The Board members, and Minnesota citizens, deserve a more competent Executive Director. They need an Executive Director who is willing to follow the law.



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