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Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana announces First Annual Online Conference

The conference will be where Iowa Patients unveils their strategy for 2012, along with up to date studies that activists can use to make the most impact when approaching legislators. Iowa Patients Executive Director Jimmy Morrison announced the First Annual Online Conference Saturday following the Global Marijuana March:

George rolls a federally approved marijuana cigarette in Mason City following the 2009 Board of Pharmacy hearing. George is one of two legal Iowa Patients.

We need your help to make this event happen! Over the next two months, we need to make professional videos that legitimize our cause. This will require a lot of travelling and production expenses, including a camera. Having this camera will enable us to put a face to the pain that these draconian laws are causing. It will cost us $5,000 to make this happen, but the camera and footage will be used for years. Please go to to donate now! If you know of any supporters who might be willing to make larger contributions, please put us in contact with them.

Thank you for your support! With your help, we believe we WILL make Iowa a medical marijuana state!

Jimmy Morrison

Executive Director

Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana



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