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Governor Christie: “Get the Other Four Corners”

In a recent Toke of the Town article, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire was quoted while expressing her support for Senate Bill 5073, which would give patients safe access and legal protection they don’t currently have. This quote highlights something I find very important for the movement.

Said the Governor, “I’ve indicated to the Senator I’m a go, but you’ve got to get the other ‘four corners’ to say they’re a go as well.”

I find this interesting. The Governor has a point. If we are going to continue to see advances in state medical marijuana programs, activists are going to have to address concerns such as
“Passing legislation dealing with marijuana laws is not the priority for House Republicans,” said House GOP Leader Richard DeBolt.

The GOP needs to make this a priority, and we need to show them why. Who will step forward to reclaim the Constitutional rights of patients to choose their own medicine?

Calling classically liberal Republicans, Political Opportunity on Line 1. Calling Constitutional Republicans, Small Government on Line 2….

Election is right around the corner. 2012 will be a big deal. Who knows what might happen between now and then.



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