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Carl Olsen Files Motion to Intervene in Cannabis Coalition’s Rescheduling Petition

Interesting. Recently, Medical Marijuana Advocates Have Filed Suit Over Delay of Response to Rescheduling Petition in order to force the Obama Administration to respond to a petition to reclassify medical marijuana. The petition by the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis, which has been pending since 2002 and received a formal recommendation by the Department of Health … Continue reading

BOP Executive Director Defends Constitutionally Unsound Actions, Spins Facts

I spoke with the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy’s Executive Director on the phone earlier this week. I was almost “LOLing” by the time we were done. The corruption and incompetence is actually kind of amusing. In the end, the Board of Pharmacy has helped us! Opening your state up to a lawsuit so you don’t … Continue reading

Minnesota Board of Pharmacy: Patient enemy number one!

If ever there was a time to raise a stink, this is it. Over the weekend, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy dealt what could be a huge blow to the medical marijuana movement. Rather than obey the law, and review marijuana’s schedule I status, they changed the law to avoid their duty! Boy howdy. I … Continue reading

The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012

Just had this email forwarded and wanted to share it. Will we see legal marijuana in 2012? I sure hope so. Notice how this initiative will both reschedule cannabis, and have the state of California take on the federal government? Steve Kubby, one of the activists working on this initiative, was dead on when he … Continue reading

Global Marijuana March review, and other news…what a week!

I spoke at the Des Moines Global Marijuana March 2011 this past Saturday, and wow, what a busy week it’s been! Since then, Maryland has passed a medical defense bill, and Delaware’s governor has made Delaware the 16th medical marijuana state! On top of that, exciting news from Washington…more on that later. Here’s some highlights … Continue reading

ACLU letter to Obama: New memo might mean litigation

Looks like I’m not the only one peeved at Obama’s abrupt departure from his 2009 promise to back down on medical marijuana prosecutions. Now, in a recent letter to the Department of Justice, the ACLU Wants DOJ To Keep Medical Marijuana Promises. “The ACLU sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that the … Continue reading

Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana announces First Annual Online Conference

The conference will be where Iowa Patients unveils their strategy for 2012, along with up to date studies that activists can use to make the most impact when approaching legislators. Iowa Patients Executive Director Jimmy Morrison announced the First Annual Online Conference Saturday following the Global Marijuana March: We need your help to make this … Continue reading

Senator Grassley: Changing His Tune, or Denying Science?

I asked a question on Senator Chuck Grassley’s Facebook page a few months ago, and he commented that he would respond in a letter. I expected a form letter, and while he could have stated some of this stuff before, it seems like Grassley might be updating his stance on medical marijuana. I’m typing the … Continue reading

Governor Christie: “Get the Other Four Corners”

In a recent Toke of the Town article, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire was quoted while expressing her support for Senate Bill 5073, which would give patients safe access and legal protection they don’t currently have. This quote highlights something I find very important for the movement. Said the Governor, “I’ve indicated to the Senator I’m … Continue reading

Saturday: Worldwide Marijuana March in Des Moines

March on the Capital this Saturday to protest unconstitutional marijuana laws! The annual Worldwide Marijuana March is this Saturday in Des Moines! Come meet us at city hall (410 Robert D Ray Drive) at 11:20 a.m. We’ll be marching down Locust to the Capital, where the Iowa Hemp Freedom Rally will take place at noon … Continue reading

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