Ron Paul will be in Des Moines at 3:45 to announce exploratory committee

It’s a good month for liberty.

Gary Johnson has already announced his Presidential campaign. Today, Ron Paul will be at the Holiday Inn on Fleur by the airport here in Des Moines to make an announcement.

Ron Paul was on The Colbert Report last night and KILLED it. I was actually laughing…the guy can hold his own with the great comedian that is Colbert.

So, if interested in chillin’ at the Holiday Inn (I don’t think Chingy will be there) and watching a part of history unfold, be there around 3:30. It’s going to be packed.

Two strong liberty candidates with a great track record. 2012 just might be the end of the world after all…the world as we know it :D. Can’t wait to see some real Change this upcoming election.



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