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Governor Gary Johnson Presidential Money Bomb Today!

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson officially announced his 2012 presidential candidacy yesterday in New Hampshire.

Support real Change. Donate to Gary’s Presidential campaign in Money Bomb today!

It is my opinion that the most important issue facing our country today is the national deficit. Recently, as Chapter President of DMACC’s Young Americans for Liberty, I went to the Capital a few weeks ago to protest the deficit for our Visualize the Debt event.

Gary Johnson’s plan for fixing our national deficit is one of the main reasons I am voting for him in 2012. As Governor Johnson puts it, “Unchecked deficits are the single greatest threat to our national security.” If we don’t fix the debt soon, we will destroy everything that makes America great: Freedom.

As someone who has been arrested for using cannabis, I am all too aware of another infringement upon Freedom: the Drug War. Yesterday on CNN, Gary Johnson explained why he supports legalizing marijuana for economic reasons. As a former business owner, the “cost-benefit analysis” is what forms Johnson’s stances on the issues. To see his explanation of the economy, education, taxes, and foreign policy, visit the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign site.



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