Obama, Zuckerberg Invitation To “Participate” In 420 Forum Mislead Facebook Users

Today’s online townhall with Barack Obama greatly disappointed me. And judging by the comments after the “interactive meeting,” I’m not the only one.

Alright, so I know that technically town halls by definition do not require public input, and are generally just an informal public meeting. However, I made a page on Facebook and am curious if others think Obama can do more to engage the American people and respond to their concerns.

The town hall event’s description mislead Facebook users into thinking Barack Obama would take their questions and respond to the most popular ones. Instead, the questions were filtered, which only served to squash potential dialogue between Barack Obama and his constituents.

Questions about online poker legislation, immigration, and marijuana laws were all ignored in favor of easier topics such The Housing Crisis and The National Debt , without saying anything truly meaningful, such as…solutions. We know there’s a housing crisis. In fact, The Panic of 2008, a documentary about the housing crisis, is interviewing economists around the country who predicted that obvious crisis before it ever happened. This isn’t news we want to hear about. We want to hear some of this Change we’ve been waiting on.

By the way, Mr. Zuckerberg, offering to pay more taxes doesn’t appease me. I’m a poor college student. I want a gold standard back, the ability to play poker online, and the freedom to smoke a damn joint if I feel like it while at the same time not wasting limited tax dollars on prosecuting and locking up non-violent offenders. Those would all help contribute to the economy without needing to raise taxes any more than they already are. Thanks for your contribution, but I don’t want to be taxed into slavery.

Mr. President, if you’re going to target the youth vote and make an “effort to hear from the American people” (as White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said,) why not make the most of it? Keep track of the frequency and popularity of the questions. Makes sense to me that that information would be useful.

Please allow voting tallies to commence again during your next online townhall, Mr. President. It serves as a gauge of the online audience opinion. Since the typical internet user is a part of your much cherished “youth” vote that propelled you to victory in 2008, please do more to reach out to the Facebook generation.

If you agree, or if you just want to send the point that the genius of the Internet, and Facebook by extension, is the ability to ENGAGE and INTERACT with each other, in real time, then “like” this page .

Pretending to engage constituents while speaking through a script of political talking points goes against the principles that made Facebook the most popular social networking site to date. Hopefully Obama and Zuckerberg will be more open to engaging the youth in the next online forum. If you won’t listen now, Mr. President, there’s always 2012.



3 thoughts on “Obama, Zuckerberg Invitation To “Participate” In 420 Forum Mislead Facebook Users


    It all started when DAVID was logged in to the Harvard website, where I was listening in to the conversations of the Harvard students. One of these students was Mark Zuckerberg who was talking about Face Smash and he had just broken up with his girlfriend at the time, so I struck up a conversation with this Mark Zuckerberg. He was talking about creating a dating site. I thought this was a bit odd – a pie in the sky idea since he had just broken up with his girlfriend and he was slaging her off – calling her a bitch and a whore.
    dave talked to Mark about the idea, and suggested he call it Face Mash. He was intrigued with my suggestion and thought it was a good idea. Mark wanted to call it Face Smash, because he wanted to smash his ex in the face. I convinced him that Face Mash was a good idea and he agreed, but one week later he changed his mind and wanted to call it Face Smash. When I queried him about this he replied ‘f…. off you c…- I’m calling it Face Smash’. Two weeks after this conversation he came up with the name Mashable and when I asked him why he chose the word Mashable instead of Face Mash he said ‘f,…off you bastard, Face mash is not your idea’. So I re-posted the conversations we had two weeks earlier and he had to apologize and said he was going with Mashable. I took this as a sign that he wanted to throw me off the scent and take the site for himself. dave found the character of Mark Zuckerberg to be deceptive and dishonest and ended conversing with Mark Zuckerberg because of his dishonesty and lack of integrity


    narcissists think they are hot stuff. Those scoring high in narcissism tended to rate themselves as more intelligent, physically attractive, likeable and funny than others. Interestingly, they also rated themselves as having higher levels of negative aspects of narcissism, such as being power-oriented, impulsive, arrogant and prone to exaggerate their abilities! Therefore, narcissists are aware they are narcissists Narcissists are fully aware that they are narcissistic and have a narcissistic reputation Narcissists are unlikely to change unless they think changing will benefit the things they desire, such as status and power
    Narcissists feel the need to maintain a positive self-image and they will set aside ethical concerns to get what they want.”
    YES you are aware that you stole the idea facebook but not from the winklevoss


    yes zuckerberg got a girlfriend and no he did not get her from GRAIGS-LIST . but he did break up with his girlfriend and look for love on graigs-list or as zuckerberg put it looking for a new bitch .zuck did not realize that you had to pay for the girls on graigs-list .zuck sad what do you mean you have to pay you pay and if you are unlucky you have to pay twice when you have go to the clinic ; zuckerberg saw every thing as a possession some thing to take when he stole the idea facebook and his girlfriend ; zuckerberg social skills are that poor zuck can not pick up sand if he was standing in the middle of a desert and had to go back to his old girlfriend that is all he had ; facemash and facebook was zuckerberg quest to understand woman FAIL : zuckerberg ordered his girlfriend to follow him to california but refused and the break up lasted for 6 mouth

    the problem is eliminated with a prostitute because they’ll go with anybody — it’s part of their job description. And so that’s why they’re frequent targets.


    A world run on reason will hold no strong appeal for those who have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the beliefs of self-interest as these have no real feel for such foreign concepts as dignity, truth, and justice. to these, dignity is having as much or more than others; truth is whatever must be said to get it and justice is whatever enables them to keep it and get more. In the world of reason, those with principles will have much, while those who now so openly value wealth above all else will find their sole possession to be an erroneous and obsolete value system
    YOU now facebook is not your idea winklevoss


    david contacted dustin & chris about an idea called facebook in feb 2003 and there room mate was zuckerberg ; so dave started conversing with Dustin and Chris about an idea of mine called Facebook for an online service where students can post pictures and information on themselves and use it as a directory. They were very intrigued by my idea and wanted to know more.
    dave told them that in the beginning, it would be an online service just for Harvard students, and then spreading through the other campuses in America, joining them up together. The idea was to make it easy for people to connect with other university students so they could get an idea of what other campuses were like, and even eventually spreading through the general public, giving them an idea of what was on offer at the different campuses.
    Dustin and Chris were very intrigued with my idea and said they wanted to be on board. but zuck was there roommate and wonted to be on board zuckerberg was apologetic about face-mash but it was bull shit.
    dave talked extensively about my ideas of Facebook and went into great detail of how to get it set up and started ; THEN david got e-mails from zuckerberg saying he was not interested in the idea facebook david then contacted dustin chris to find out about this email i got from zuckerberg; they went into denial about this. but later on got a email from chris saying they were not interested in the idea facebook
    but stole the idea facebook the name facebook the concept and the execution of facebook david understands that zuckerberg has a mental personality disorder but this is no excuse for being a asshole and a thief zuckerberg
    you see zuck dustin and chris new that facebook was a billion dollar idea but you stole the idea facebook you are all thief .

    Well if that’s the case and Ceglia allegation is true It is a logical impossibility for zuckerberg to have both stolen the idea in November of 2003 AND ripped off WINKLEVOSS a partner for the same idea 8 months earlier.

    Mark Zuckerberg took investment for thefacebook in April 2003 he could not have stolen the idea for thefacebook in November of 2003 from the winklevoss but he did steal the idea from david and it was david who contacted the winklevoss when zuck stole the idea from david

    full force of the criminal law could be used against CAMERON AND TAYOR WINKLEVOSS .DIVYA NARENDRA for fraud and extortion, particularly now that his case has been elevated from the New York state courts to a federal level. and the contract is true, then the movie you have watched about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg might have to be reshot .and CHRIS HUGHES + DUSTIN are liars and CAMERON AND TAYOR WINKLEVOSS .DIVYA NARENDRA liars .


    ben mezrick was given copes of the emails in and around 2004 dave posted a copy of the emails to ben mezrick and to david kirkpatrick as for kirkpatrick your book is a joke and so are you :
    you are just a fence jumper david kirkpatrick and its chris that is the gay one you dick ‘you sold yourself out you were given the full story of how zuckerberg stole facebook; and sold out
    in a email to eduardo i told him to get a lawyer zuckerberg was going to screw him over and told him to contact ben mezrick
    eduardo told me he had a lawyer he can trust but zuckerberg and the lawyer screwed him over; david made contact to ben and ben mezrick got
    80% of the emails about how zuck stole facebook and about the winklevoss and that facebook was davids idea . the portrayal of the early years of Facebook, is not the full story is it BEN MEZRICK
    Ceglia’s tale is real, it would be a significant rewriting of Facebook’s early history, as documented in one movie, two books and scores of newspaper and magazine articles. SO WHAT IS THE REAL STORY BEN MEZRICK


    wouldn’t paul ceglia have come forward before The Facebook Effect BUT KIRKPATRICK new about paul ceglia

    kirkpatrick you are a prick kirkpatrick falls victim to the bane of many business historians infatuation with the subject and the money just a porn-star. Kirkpatrick, if you could stop swinging from Zuck’s nut-sack for a just a minute maybe you’d realize what a suck-up you really are
    Kirkpatrick was given all the emails on how zuck stole the idea facebook and the contract to paul ceglia


    So we needed a platform dave made contact with paul ceglia and was in discussion about a platform for my idea the facebook
    but zuckerberg made contact to paul ceglia to steal the idea facebook ‘paul ceglia had no legal right to sell the the platform to mark zuckerberg but zuckerberg new what he was doing when he sign the contract
    (paul ceglia had no legal right to sell the the platform to mark zuckerberg } the contract was to David not zuckerberg


    dave found a site at Harvard called Harvard Connect (later, in 2004 changed to Harvard Connect To You) run by Cameron and Taylor Winklevoss, and dave explained everything about Facebook and the dealings with Zuckerberg, Dustin and Chris and how dave believed that Zuckerberg was in the process of stealing david idea, and dave asked if the Winklevosses were interested in running Facebook on the Harvard site
    DAVID found out later on that the winklevoss contacted WAYNE CHANG and sold 50% of the idea facebook my god how f..ing dumb can you get .all the winklevoss had to do was go hire a team of programmers or learn to program on their own .and the idea facebook was a sound and solid idea . tell the truth about facebook WAYNE CHANG and about the WINKLEVOSS BS

    SumZero.com is the leading global community for buyside investment professionals. The site has rapidly grown to over 4,700 elite hedge fund and private equity analysts – almost every brand-name hedge fund and private equity fund is represented in SumZero’s user base

    CHRIS HUGHES + paul caglia

    chris you may have step up about being gay but you need to step up and be a man tell the truth about how zuckerberg stole facebook; and sorry for
    telling zuck & dustin that you were gay back in the year 2003 .zuckerberg ask david if he was safe around chris when zuck found out that chris was gay chris do-not call your self a HERO tell the truth about facebook then you can call your self a HERO !! david contacted freedom to marry in order to contact chris ; the person david contacted at freedom to marry was Sean Eldridge. sean was given all the info on how zuckerberg stole facebook and agreed to contact chris hughes ;but Sean Eldridge lost his objective trip up and stuck his dick up chris hughes bum-hole and the relationship was borne : Chris Hughes just wanted to do something good with his billions. partner Sean Eldridge just wanted to spend his good billions so who is sewing who in this relationship; Chris will you name the person who motivated you to work for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign but you can-not ‘you stole from this person
    SEAN ELDRIDGE asked david for a job at facebook (NO) so went for the next best thing chris hughes
    Wy didnt you tell the truth about how zuckerberg stole the idea facebook .chris in the last email to dave you said you cannot and the offer of cash payment to dave .was repulsive and was rejected and it looks like paul caglia is to takeover facebook you remember paul caglia ; chris IN 2003 you new of the contract .

    Aaron J. Greenspan says that while he was a student at Harvard, he came up with the idea for Facebook, the social-networking Web site
    An e-mail message, circulated widely by Mr. Greenspan to Harvard students on Sept. 19, 2003, describes the newest feature of houseSYSTEM, as “the Face Book,” an online system for quickly locating other students. The date was four months before Mr. Zuckerberg started his own site, originally “thefacebook.com.” Greenspan retained his college e-mail messages and provided The New York Times with copies of his communications with)zuckerberg , mark zuckerberg did not dispute the chronology of events or the authenticity of Mr. Greenspan’s e-mail messages. NOT A SURPRISE
    you now aaron greenspan you can stop pretending that you do not now who david is that old trick wont work




    By January 6, 2004, the day Mark Zuckerberg signed up for houseSYSTEM so that he could use its Universal Face Book, roughly 100 other students had opted-in as well. (At that point more than 1,200 had signed up for houseSYSTEM.) Mark spent hours poring over the site; every one of his requests was recorded by the server’s log. Two days later we met for dinner to discuss our respective experiences with the administration. While he had been formally disciplined by the College’s Administrative Board for abusing the official face books with Facemash, I had emerged with a clean record, and without so much as even a hearing

    you now aaron if facebook was your idea ;but it was not your idea so how much did zuck pay you to f–k of: go and pop pills with Charlie Sheen


    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” Sadly, most of the people don’t wish to bite the hands that feeds them

    The Securities and Exchange Commission says it has set aside about $450 million for payments to outside whistleblowers whose information results in successful ?? ….. SOME THING YOU WONT TO LOOK AT LISA SIMPSON ,, and the best way to rob a bank is to own a bank .


    What kind of message does it send when you meet with a guy to have a conversation about innovation when the guy stole the idea?
    thieves to share their thoughts about innovation by stealing not by genuine creativity.

    Posted by newbedave | April 20, 2011, 8:17 pm
  2. I think the problem with youth today is they expect the maximum amount of personal engagement for the least amount of effort. Trying to connect with President Obama through an hour session on Facebook is like trying to empty the ocean with a dixie cup. It will take a lot more engagement than Facebook to get the attention of any president. People will find an excuse to complain about anything. Complaining is easy and doesn’t require much effort.

    Posted by Carl Olsen | April 21, 2011, 4:52 am
    • I wanted to make the point that voting was removed from this town hall to avoid being asked the hard questions. After talking with a few friends, I decided to keep the Facebook page but change the name. I agree that Facebook is not going to solve everything; I am just attempting to take advantage of every potential opportunity.

      Posted by jsnsoc8 | April 21, 2011, 11:49 am

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