4/20 Rally at Washington DC

There is a rally going on! If there’s ever an example of how much one activist can accomplish with an idea, then is it.

I first became aware of this march back when the facebook page for Overgrow the Government. Here’s some information from The rally’s website.

Welcome to the official Overgrow the Government website! If you’re tired of the lies and propaganda associated with cannabis prohibition then stand with us on our protest against tyranny and double standards! March with us from the Washington Monument to Lafayette Park on April Twentieth, Two-Thousan Eleven at Ten!

Overgrow the Government is sponsored by Henry Hemp.

For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Jason Warf
502 396 5663

Grassroots Activists Head to the Nation’s Capitol to End Prohibition
Millions to Gather in Hopes to Cease Lies and Propaganda in the Cannabis World!

Denver, CO (January 20, 2010) Overgrow The Government, a group of grassroots activists, is calling on a million supporters, hemp farmers and protesters alike to join together for a protest march in Washington D.C. to demand an end to cannabis prohibition. The march will take place on 4-20-11. We will meet at 10AM at the Washington Monument and the march will go to Lafayette Park! At the park we will be right across from the White House talking loud enough for Mr. Obama to hear us! Prepare for a day of speakers and fun, but most importantly CHANGE!

Overgrow The Government is a group of grassroots activists that are tired of the lies and propaganda associated with cannabis prohibition and have taken a firm stand against it. The success of the event depends on everyone in the cannabis world coming together in D.C to demand an end to prohibition and continue to do so in the years to come until a change is made.

The unofficial organization was started when grassroots activist, Jason, viewed a protest at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) headquarters in which hemp farmers planted hemp seeds. “To me this was a metaphor for what I see that needs to happen; I knew that with science, medicine, and numbers on our side now is the time to change these laws, “said Mr. Warf. Following the protest, Jason took his idea and posted it as an event on Facebook to see what kind of feedback he would get. Within the first week, the protest received an overwhelming response from various organizations which proved he had to turn his idea into reality. He took on small group of activists as board members and started planning the event in the nation’s capitol.

DISCLAIMER: The board of Overgrow The Government and everyone associated with the organization withdrawals any responsibility from anything that is against any law! We do not and can not officially condone the use of any drugs, including alcohol at the protest! We also denounce any other unlawful actions by any attendees! We are there to demand change, so let’s be taken seriously! Thanks for your cooperation!



2 thoughts on “4/20 Rally at Washington DC

  1. I agree a hundred an ten pecrent

    Posted by David | April 6, 2011, 3:16 pm
  2. I will be there waiting for everyone to show up… Please everyone spread the word!!! We need everyone to come out of their safe little closet and show up at the protest. I have read many places where no one wants to come out and support this because they would much rather stay home. Well that is one reason that cannabis/hemp is still illegal. We are willing to tell pollsters that we want cannabis legalized, if no one knows who is saying it, but once you are asked to stand and be counted, you are afraid. Afraid of what, someone will notice you? I would be afraid of not standing up and being counted. The laws would stay the way they are and police will continue breaking down doors and mistakenly killing people during drug raids!

    How many more people have to be killed in this war on drugs? IF cannabis were legal that would put an end to the cartels. They would have no more reason to kill individuals over cannabis. Cannabis could be taxed, and regulated and it would then be harder for minors to get their hands on it. Right now all they have to do is go down to the corner and pick some up. The drug dealer on the corner does not check ID’s. IF it were regulated and sold in stores, they could put an age limit on it and then they would have to provide ID to purchase it. Just as with cigarettes, and alcohol. Yes they would still be able to get it, but it would be harder. Once you take the danger away from it it many not be fun for someone any longer. Just as before you turn 21 you like to drink because you think you are getting away with something, but then after you turn 21 it is no longer any fun and you don’t do it as much. This same thing will happen with cannabis/hemp. When becomes legal, some people will have it around and not smoke it because it is no longer where and when am I going to get my stuff next? You will just be able to walk down to the corner store.

    Medical cannabis is very important to people. We need to legalize it now. We need to stand up for it now. 75% of people in America approve the use of medical cannabis, but they are afraid to stand up in public for it, until someone they love needs it desperately. Everyone needs to stand up now, so when their loved-one needs it it will be there, and will be legal! You don’t want to have to wast precious time and energy fighting for cannabis legalization when that time, effort, and money could be put to helping your loved one recover. Even the NCI says that cannabis can help reduce tumors. IF a government agency can stand up against the government and endorse cannabis, then we as people should be able to stand up for it also! Don’t be afraid that someone will recognize you, if 75% of Americans approve of cannabis for medical reasons, then that means that most of your friends are for it also, so they would be proud of you for standing up for it. If we all talked openly about it, maybe we could find out that even more people are in the corner of cannabis, and they would be more willing to stand up for it if they had more people like YOU standing next to them.

    So what is the meanings of my ramblings? COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND STAND UP FOR CANNABIS/HEMP and lets get them legalized!!! I have not even gone into the reasons hemp should be legal to grow and harvested for industrial use! They are to numerous to to list. Lets just say that Hemp can feed and paper the world while at the same times saving it from the oil barons that pump oil for transportation and plastic! HEMP CAN and WILL SAVE THE WORLD once it is legalized. Those are dangerous words. Do you think that the big oil companies are going to let hemp become legal to replace gas, plastics and everything else that hemp could replace oil for? That is why we have to fight so hard. We are fighting a never ending money pit. At lease never ending in our lifetime! (Unless we get hemp legalized)


    Posted by Mema Gop | April 9, 2011, 4:21 am

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