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Minnesota: Stop this bill in it’s tracks!

I wrote about a confusing series of events earlier this week up in Minnesota. I’m still confused. After posting an article on WeedPress about a potential usurpation of state sovereignty, Executive Director of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy Cody Wiberg responded to my posting with a note on the BOP’s Facebook page. I am very … Continue reading

Ron Paul will be in Des Moines at 3:45 to announce exploratory committee

It’s a good month for liberty. Gary Johnson has already announced his Presidential campaign. Today, Ron Paul will be at the Holiday Inn on Fleur by the airport here in Des Moines to make an announcement. Ron Paul was on The Colbert Report last night and KILLED it. I was actually laughing…the guy can hold … Continue reading

A Hijacking of State Sovereignty: Is this politics, or science?

Well, this is confusing. Minnesota activist Kurt Hanna sent the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy a petition on March 16th to remove cannabis from Schedule I. The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy is currently required to respond to this petition within 60 days under Minnesota Statute 14.09: “The state Board of Pharmacy, after consulting with the Advisory … Continue reading

Governor Gary Johnson Presidential Money Bomb Today!

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson officially announced his 2012 presidential candidacy yesterday in New Hampshire. Support real Change. Donate to Gary’s Presidential campaign in Money Bomb today! It is my opinion that the most important issue facing our country today is the national deficit. Recently, as Chapter President of DMACC’s Young Americans for Liberty, … Continue reading

420 shout out on Lazer1033 this morning!

Well, this morning was random. Woke up to a phone call from a friend telling me to show up at the Lazer studio in downtown Des Moines this morning to win free LAZERFEST tickets. The man with the most hair would be allowed to be “manscaped” in exchange for free tickets! The hairiest chest was … Continue reading

Obama, Zuckerberg Invitation To “Participate” In 420 Forum Mislead Facebook Users

Today’s online townhall with Barack Obama greatly disappointed me. And judging by the comments after the “interactive meeting,” I’m not the only one. Alright, so I know that technically town halls by definition do not require public input, and are generally just an informal public meeting. However, I made a page on Facebook and am … Continue reading

What Iowa’s Medical Marijuana Bill Says

Click here for summary and link to bill

Canada: Medical Marijuana Program Unconstitutional

Prohibitively unconstitutional, that is. I just printed off the 109 page ruling by Justice Donald Taliano. Thanks to the hard work of Canadian activists, including Cannabis Culture contributor Matthew Mernagh, this monumental decision brought an interesting question to mind: is there a similar argument to be made here in the States? Cannabis Culture’s article on … Continue reading

Help find a cure this 420!

Every 34 seconds a person is afflicted with “criminal” charges for cannabis. This tragedy happens to doctors, lawyers, patients, parents, and athletes, all around the world. In some countries, people die from these charges. Help find a cure to this unnecessary suffering. Support the cause. Make your voice be heard and continue to keep the … Continue reading

Today is National Dare Day. DARE Facebook has banned me.

Don’t know why. I just wanted to know if they had any stats on marijuana vs. alcohol. Let’s see if they’ll answer. Link to DARE on Facebook. Don’t forget to make your voice heard during Obama’s 4-20 Facebook Townhall Meeting Sign the DARE Petition!

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