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SSDP’s Justin Kander: Man cures cancer with cannabis successfully

I met Justin in Washington DC in early February while attending CPAC 2011 to volunteer for Governor Gary Johnson. Justin has established himself as a respectable activist in Maryland. Here’s his guest column in the The Diamondback Online from the University of Maryland. article .

The Diamondback > Opinion
Guest column: Alternate treatment
By Justin Kander
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On March 14, I held a special event for this university’s chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. It was a presentation I had wanted to do since joining the organization, and it finally worked out. The event was about cannabis extract medicine, a much more effective form of medical marijuana that people have used to treat cancer and other diseases. As opposed to smoking, someone treating themselves with extract medicine orally ingests consistent, substantial quantities over a three to six month period. Extracts most often take the form of oil, which has a dark appearance and a viscous, sticky texture.
The event consisted of a Skype video meeting with a close family friend of mine named Dennis Hill. He has a degree in biochemistry, a master’s in business administration and has been teaching meditation for more than 25 years. In March 2010, he was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and didn’t know what to do. Having done cancer research for many years, Hill knew traditional routes of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery were not guaranteed to eliminate the cancer, especially considering its aggressiveness. And even if the treatment did work, it would likely result in long-term health problems. So, he looked to seek out other ways to treat his disease. His search led him to my aunt, who told him of cannabis’ cancer-fighting potential. She also connected Hill with me. And, after I showed him significant amounts of research and testimonials, he decided to treat his cancer solely with cannabis oil. No chemotherapy, no radiation and no surgery for a cancer that had the highest level of aggressiveness possible.
Hill took the treatment for six months, and on Jan. 25, he had his final biopsy taken. On Feb. 8, the results came in: He was completely cancer free. Dennis was ecstatic and has now dedicated himself to sharing the power of cannabis extract medicine with as many people as possible.
You’re probably wondering what would make someone resort to using cannabis medicine instead of taking a professional doctor’s advice. After all, Hill’s physician told him he was going to die if he took cannabis medicine, but that clearly didn’t happen. Hill made this decision based on incredible amounts of science and testimonials. Scientifically, there are hundreds of studies showing that individual cannabinoids (the natural chemicals in cannabis) and whole cannabis preparations are effective against everything from ALS to Parkinson’s disease to cancer. You can see this huge list by searching for “Granny Storm Crow” on Google. There are also dozens of testimonials about cannabis oil curing or completely controlling diseases, including three documentaries, several personal videos, written testimonials online and a book called Live Free or Die by a woman named Shona Banda.
So let’s see what we have here: Real scientific studies suggest cannabis has the potential to cure disease, and real people say highly concentrated oils of cannabis are curing their diseases. There are too many people involved for this to be one big façade. I’ve been in the drug reform movement for more than three years, and have only seen the evidence grow. This has even gotten to the point where someone who is virtually part of my family (Hill) was treated with cannabis extract medicine, and I have personally talked to dozens of other people who have used the medicine successfully, mainly for cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Hepatitis C and diabetes.
I wish I had more room to elaborate, but feel free to contact me through Facebook or email. I urge everyone to look into the issue further because extract medicine is humanity’s greatest hope for eliminating huge amounts of disease and reforming society to be more equal, free and happy.

Justin Kander is the secretary for this university’s chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. He can be reached at jkander at umd dot edu.

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