Green Central Station interview Part 3

This is the final part of the Lynnice Wedewer’s interview with Green Central Station.

Part 3

Alright, going back into the final session of Green Central Station. Thank you Lynnice for being so patient with us here at Green Central Station. — Ray

“Oh, no, it’s an honor really, I wish I would have stood up last year. I did want to explain my thought on why no official at teh Iowa Board of Pharmacy validates the program. Because, the $160,000 that was just set aside, and the money disappeared?”

Right, we wanna know about that. — Ray

“I would suppose, and this is just my theory, in my opinion, I would suppose it was because they would have had to admit the part of that University of Iowa’s pharmacy’s part, in the study. Selling cannabis to patients in the study, even if it was with patient’s insurance, like I said, and I wonder if the marijuana that was given to them, again, was from Iowa drug busts, since the insurance company paid for this subscription, unless U of I had to pay the state for the seized cannabis to sell it to us? Maybe? They would have to admit their part and that would be sort of like admitting in a roundabout way that they were, like, legal dealers?”

Well, yeah, they’ve always said, because they’ve been pressured over the past couple of years, to start a medical marijuana program… — Mike

Those medical marijuana people. — Ray

…or saying the Iowa Code says they have that ability, and they continue to say “We don’t have that ability to start any kind of program, or have any association with any kind of program. — Mike

“That’s not true. If they didn’t have the ability, then how come they had us kids in that study?”

Exactly. And not only that, the big question that we ask them as well, is that in 1979, they actually got funding, from the state house… — Mike

Right. — Ray

…to start, to initiate, some kind of research in a program. And they said, they actually said that they don’t know what happened to the money, it just disappeared.

Yeah. — Ray

I would assume, and this is just a hypothetical, that… — Mike

“Well, what would make sense to me is that they were paying the state of Iowa for the drugs and seized, marijuana…”

Yes. — Mike

…and sell it to us.”

Yes. That’s, that’s where the money went, they just didn’t want to admit it, or, I’m sure the people there now, at the Board of Pharmacy, they weren’t there in 79, but I’m sure along the way,
you know, both people at the Board of Pharmacy, and at the statehouse, have, have tried to bury this, and kept it from the public! — Mike

“Well, here’s my other thought about that. Um, I had a second thought, so I was kinda going, well maybe this, or this. The other idea I had, was maybe because of the original study in 1979 that I was in, in 1979, two of the five teenagers, remember I told you we had our choice, whether we wanted to take the pill, whether we wanted to eat it, or whether we wanted to smoke it, but, um, in this original study, two of the teenagers chose to take the cannabis pill, and they died.”

Wow… — Jeff

“Ok, and most individuals, over the years, that I had knowledge of, that chose the pill, a lot of them died.”

And they were, the reason they probably chose the pill, and I’m guessing here, but, is that the fear that people try to associate with the smoking marijuana. — Mike


Of course. Or, even just the raw plant, the raw plant, inside…Lynnice, you and I were just talking about that the other night, about how much better relief you get inside the body by… — Ray

“Well, we were teenagers, we were all teenagers, and so you have the parents worried about the stigma too…”

Yeah, well right, well, but couldn’t the raw plant in food, is what it’s about… — Ray

“…like God forbid, somebody finds out that I’m a parent, and I love my child…”

Oh yeah, you’ll never be treated the same. — Mike

“…you know, there was a lot of fear back in those days.”

I can understand that. — Jeff

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know, that the music I have going on in the background, it’s by Afroman, it’s a song called “The Hush,” it’s an awesome song, and he’s an awesome performer. We’re just kinda bringing a little music here at Green Central Station… — Ray

“I love it. It’s very therapeutic.”

Right. When I say, Reggae, rights, rock, rap, and reform, is Green Central Station, the five R’s of Green Central Station, and wonderful islands like Lynnice Wedewer, that’s coming forward for us. — Ray

And reminding us, that gardening is therapeutic. Growing your own medicine is extremely therapeutic, and was acknowledged in Lynnice’s case, is that not correct? — Jeff

“Yeah, I mean, they realized they, they always want cancer patients to go out and garden, and in our case it was kind of putting us in control of our medicine, because at the same point in time, we knew it was pure, we knew it was cost-effective, because, go out on the street and try to buy some sometime, oh my goodness the prices. You know, and, you know, it’s cut, and again, what we’re getting from drug tinctures, from the pharmacies, which is like I said I know they weren’t growing their own, I mean c’mon…”

Or just tainted, just tainted… — Ray

Well not if the variety keeps on changing, as well. — Mike

“…so ours was pure, and again, itw as the female plant only, was there was no seeds, and that’s one of the ways you can tell if it’s medical grade, is if there’s no seeds.”

Right. And that speaks very highly, of personal cultivation, for everybody. — Jeff

“Oh, I do everything organic. I don’t use CO2, that’s crazy!”

Exactly! — Jeff

“A little selzer water will do the same thing.”

We’re hoping for many people it will be a shocking story, let me just summarize real quick. — Mike

Right, go ahead, and Mike got…–Ray

“Well, it also had to be grown under lock, you can’t just have it outside, you can’t have that. Because too many people just come in the middle of the night, and they don’t want no part of that.”

Yeah, you’re growing gold in your back yard. Lynnice, Mike is going to summarize real quick, and then we’re just gonna go, finish the show off here, and we’re going to meet up here real soon, we’re goin to, we’re going to be in conversation probably every day by now. I don’t know if it’s by phone, in email, in person, hey, we’re coming up with
cameras from Green Central Station! You know what I tell people? — Ray

“Whoa whoa whoa, I can’t be coming up with cameras, for one, I gotta tell ya, I gotta keep it under lock and key. Number two, I’m a flood home, I mnean it’s still damaged, we have roofs caving in
because we never got out half of our stuff paid for, we never even got our taxes reduced, like we were sposed to, under Presidential order.”

Well, that’s another issue you can bring up at the state house when you come visit. — Mike

“Oh believe me, I will, there’s a lot of issues, let me tell you.”

Well, just to summarize. The state of Iowa, along with at least some influence from the Board of Pharmacy, has created and maintained, a medical marijuana program for the last 32 years. And, there has been several steps, from both the statehouse, and the Board of Pharmacy, to keep this a secret from the people. Knowing, obviously knowing, that this has helped save lives. How many people have died in the process?

“Oh, they know, or there wouldn’t be US patents…”

Right. And one of the things, I said, after the Board of pharmacy tried to say that they don’t recognize marijuana, as being therapeutic, or they tried to weasel otu of their obligation to do something about it, I’ve actually said that they have blood on their hands, because of those decisions, and the lawmakers. Everybody involved, whose covered it up, has blood on their hands. — Mike

Because of their excuses. — Ray

Yeah, everybody involved, who covered this up. — Mike

“You know how many people I have watched die? Do you know, that this is where my anger comes in. Do you know how many people I have watched die, needlessly…”

Yes! Well, Dale Woolery… — Mike

“I put my own life on the line, and am healing it totally naturally. Totally naturally.”

Over the past 32 years, how many people have died, how many Iowans have died over the past 32 years, that would be here today, if these people implemented this program for everyone, and didn’t try to cover this up? It’s horrible. — Mike

Well, Lynnice, we’re going to let you go here, and wrap it up in the studio, and we look forward to your appearance in Des Moines, at the press conference, we’re going to bring it. — Ray

“Oh, thanks guys, you did a great job.”

Oh and hey Lynnice, let me just tell you this. Your appearance on this show, has been a revelation, to a lot of people, that I know this for a fact right now, no, right now, it’s a revelation, thank you! — Ray

Bless you. — Lord Molta

Yes, bless you. — Ray

“No, thank you, bless you guys for what you are doing. It took your guys courage, and for my friends finding out that you were doing this last year, and for me to find out, because they should have let me know, that they were going to change that bill that protected my life, they never did, and if I would have known last year I guarantee I would have been there. And I will say this much, it’s your courage, and, what you’re doing, when you’re not even legal, and you’re willing to speak out, it makes it sort of shameful that I hold the key, and…”

Well, I may not be legal, but I have a need basis. — Ray

“And that other guy out there, is still alive, from in that study. As one study member to another, I urge you, I beg you, please speak out, if you’re alive. Because I know, and you know, that that study saved our lives.”

Alright, road show tonight. I have no time to listen to conflicting points of view. Only view, is to set the non-violent ganja prisoners free. Good day. — Ray

Right on. — Lord Molta

The views expressed in this interview are solely those of Green Central Station, and do not represent the views of WeedPress or its representatives.



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